Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog

Last night, I had a very weird thought strike me- what would I be without my blog? How would my life be different today? How would I express myself?

These questions were different from the food-related ones that normally float around in my mind 😉 I believe that when I started my blog, it was just going to serve as a motivation for me to write more. And that it still does! I set goals for the posting schedule and mostly stick to them which gives a regularity to my writing. And going diverse – poems, write-ups, haiku, creates a beautiful mix I think. So for today’s Top Ten Tuesday, I am listing down all the reasons why you should have your own blog.

Almost all of the people reading right now would already have a blog, probably more accomplished than mine. But you can find out why I write for my blog. Also, this can be directed towards new writers.

  1. A platform to “Publish“- You write posts at your own time and convenience and you can publish them instantly. It is a great feeling to the web page with your content on it and certainly drives you to create more of them.
  2. Tell Your Story Your Own Way– It is a platform to write the story you want to tell, on your own terms. You cab decide to include the details you feel important, create characters without any editing and have the creative freedom that nothing else offers.
  3. Creative Outlet – If you are working full time in another profession, but your hobby or passion is to write, then this can be your tool for it. Blogging is affordable, simple and very basic. You can keep drafting on the go, using the multiple apps like Evernote, WordPress App, etc. And post at your will.
  4. Meet like minded people – Your blog would be global and the people that you interact with will be encouraging. And with a little motivation, any person is tempted to write some more. The blogging community is very supportive and warm, because they all want you to succeed. With a fixed reader base, you can also test out myriad writing styles or topics and see which is bound to get a good feedback. And build on that.
  5. Goal Oriented, Commitment Driven – Blogging requires some time, effort and thought. You can plan out your posts, or make a schedule which is the best plan to be committed to the act of writing. It pushes you to write even when you think you have no time. Setting goals for yourself is easy, but sticking to them is usually where people falter.
  6. More thinking, better writer – It makes you think, analyse and conclude your thoughts as you see fit. And sometimes in the process, provides you such a clarity of mind, that you didn’t know could be achieved. A reading habit is also inculcated because you understand that your thoughts need to be organised in such a manner that is simple to grasp, and appreciate. Generally, you can also take cues from the writing style of experienced bloggers. I have started getting up early as well, as I tend to write and post in the morning!
  7. Make Money While Blogging – Although, I don’t think it resonates with the idea of writing, some people use blogs as an extension or their businesses, websites for soft marketing. So they either link their product for sale, or for testimonials, reviews and updates. Another way you can make money is through Google Adsense if it is a self hosted website. If you get a certain amount of traffic, Google will display ads on your blog, and you can earn from that as well. But if you have a free hosted blog by WordPress, Blogger, etc then ads don’t pay you.
  8. Confidence – For me, this is the biggest facet of my personality that has been shaped while blogging. I am comfortable in my own skin, while writing and otherwise! I have been quite confident in general and I can see that in my stride. Because I know I have something of my own, that I have nurtured, and that my writings have been loved by other bloggers. That is the biggest reason why you do it, to feel involved, appreciated and welcome. Like you belong, because online people don’t judge you, they encourage you.
  9. Inspire, Learn, and be Inspired – Every Like, and every positive comment is a thrill. Acceptance is a huge thing, and you should stick to blogging for a given time for the fruits of your labor. Writing original stuff, and engaging with your readers makes for the simplest, best blogging advice. And who knows, there might be someone tomorrow who is inspired by you to write and start his own little blog. You will become a well rounded person, with an eye for meaningful details and additions to your post that will make it unique. By necessity, you’ll be more analytical.
  10. Journal-Like Reflection of the Past – while posting constantly, you will be documenting your thoughts over time. You can go back and it will be like your thought journal. I can honestly see how my writing style changed with time, and how it pulsates with my general mood and health. And looking at the past is one of the best methods to mold the future you. These thoughts will persist forever, and cannot be burned down or written out.

For someone like me, who would like a log of everything, my blog is a very precious thing. It holds my secrets, even if it is between the lines. It is almost like a being, with my thoughts as its soul. It is quite like my baby, because I made it, I feed it, I have made it fat! Haha.

Blogging is free! It does not cost a penny to set up your own blog, ready to use themes are a boon, and writing is your forte. So pick up your pen, or keyboard and start writing today. And if you have a new blog, leave that in the comments, and I’ll follow you. Because God knows I had doubts when I started blogging too, but the love I received from everyone was so immense that I am still writing 2 years later!

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