A blog that hosts the daily musings of an engineer in the making. From the mundane to the special, from spiritual to the divine and everything else that fits!

Edification of Conscious Avant-Garde Cogitation.

Vintage Sapience: Old fashioned wisdom. Understanding good sense, discerning intelligence.

Update: I am an engineer now! I successfully passed my exams (not that my family expected any different). I consciously try to be funny, although I’ve been known to fail miserably at it. But I can laugh at myself which makes that easier 😉 Being an over-thinker is never good, especially when that leads to stress-eating. I am in an extended state of losing weight, loving food and living life. I am still figuring out people, and societal norms.

Although, I try to pretend that I am normal, my brain has thirteen tabs open. Eleven, on a good day. In a world that trends on thinking out of the box, I will always be a little bit old-fashioned, in a good way. Which is what inspired the blog name. I’m still writing for the soul, and expecting just a little bit of love in this callous world. Constantly trying to keep it short, concise because exceeding the word limit is my habit!