A blog that hosts the daily musings of an engineer in the making. From the mundane to the special, from spiritual to the divine and everything else that fits!

Edification of Conscious Avant-Garde Cogitation.

Vintage Sapience: Old fashioned wisdom. Understanding good sense, discerning intelligence.

Update: I am an engineer now! I successfully passed my exams (not that my family expected any different). I consciously try to be funny, although I’ve been known to fail miserably at it. But I can laugh at myself which makes that easier 😉 Being an over-thinker is never good, especially when that leads to stress-eating. I am in an extended state of losing weight, loving food and living life. I am still figuring out people, and societal norms.

Although I try to pretend that I am normal, my brain has thirteen tabs open. Eleven, on a good day. In a world that trends on thinking out of the box, I will always be a little bit old-fashioned, in a good way. Which is what inspired the blog name. I’m still writing for the soul and expecting just a little bit of love in this callous world. Constantly trying to keep it short, concise because exceeding the word limit is my habit!


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  1. Hello Saloni, ambitious title and subtitle! thanks for following my blog, I’ve just trawled through yours and I’m intrigued enough to follow yours too 🙂 lovely art and aesthetics, and the poems are unusual

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    1. Hello! Thank you so much 🙂 It makes me very happy when someone appreciates the style of the blog along with the work. It inspires me to create better.
      You have a pretty cool blog yourself!

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    1. It absolutely is my pleasure! I am so glad I can find charming, fun people even on the blogosphere.
      Makes me happy that my humble writing is being appreciated.

      Welcome to Vintage Sapience. Serving sweet nostalgia, every few days 😉

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  2. Hello, Dear blogger fellow!

    you have such a nice blog.
    it is quite inspiring.

    thanks for following me.
    I look forward to interacting with you 🙂

    love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂

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  3. Hi, Vikram! Thank you for your kind words. The blog is only made by the people who show their love for it.
    It is great to connect with you. Welcome to Vintage Sapience. I hope you like what I write here. 🙂


  4. I have just returned to my Blog after more than a year of silence. I felt I’m a beginner again and committed some terrible mistakes in laptop operations on Writing and Publishing. It’s good you like my reblogged piece. You’re a plus to my rooster of admirers. Thank you.

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    1. I can only imagine how that feels. I’m sure the post was ‘gold’. Thank you so much for following my blog as well! Means a lot 🙂 Have a great day.

      Welcome back to blogging. I hope I see your posts in the Reader soon.

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  5. Hi,

    You seem interesting. I’m reading you about 2021. Just wanted to know how far you reached?

    Can you tell me how is your journey?
    What do you do?
    Is engineering allowed you to utilise your full potential?

    I can relate to you. Every day a lot of questions pop-ups in my mind, and go away. Sometimes, my imagination takes me to the peak like imagining a world where everyone is happy, living life peaceful. As you know it can’t be a reality.


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