The first and the last time I drowned my sorrows was for your sins!

How we choose to drown our sorrows, or celebrate our happy moments is our own choice. Sometimes alcohol helps. To each his own! I’ve believed in that for years now and always will. This post is again a different one for me. Seemed appropriate though. Art by @effenemea have a great day everyone. Thank you for reading. Stay safe and stay home. -Saloni .

I’ve been gone.

Now that I see my stats for January, they’re better than in December! I guess distance truly makes the blog-heart grow fonder too.

It has been almost two months since I posted something on the blog. These breaks have been more frequent and sporadic in the last few months. If I promise myself that I will post something big and fancy on the blog, I end up missing my deadlines and skip the normal light posts too. For some reason, time and life have been incredible in the last few days and that did not leave me much time to just sit down and write.

It is not like I don’t have time, I while it away! Haha. It really is not funny but it has been happening. For every two productive hours I have, I end up wasting the rest of that day. Youtube, people, and life’s chores are the culprits. I cannot skip the daily chores while living alone which means that I wasted my time on the phone scrolling aimlessly. Or by chatting and talking to an obscene number of people.

Something changed at the end of November, which altered my mood and general outlook towards a lot of things in life and I attribute it to my long time friend P. If it manifests into good things, I will give her all the due credit. But for now, it made me very happy and incredibly bubbly for all the days that I’ve lived since then. You could say that I started experiencing a lot, living a lot, and letting go of a lot. I opened myself up to new, exciting experiences which were a scary but fun rollercoaster. I cannot really share what she told me, or what was the direct consequence of it, but I lived a life that didn’t feel like mine for almost a month! And then I slowly got to normal.

I am not even myself anymore! I am a little bit changed after experiences and feelings, because those were ones that could alter your personality. Don’t get me wrong, I was on adrenaline and life-high! But it was new to me. We went travelling to Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava in December and I will be posting the pictures and blog for that soon. There was also a trip to Harz mountains in Germany that will be a well sought-for post, especially for my friends. I am not the trekking kind of girl, but I went there! It was one of the most transformative trips of my life, along with the other one in December. A shell was cracked, some stuff spilt out, some changed and the highest impact was on the mood and the general vibe of my personality.

Long story short, I will be back to posting, regularly I can hope. And since February is exam month, I will definitely be posting regularly 😀 I am hoping that it will keep on the groove for the next few months while I’m pumped and feeling creative.

So thanks for reading my rant and very vague life update. I don’t share much anyway, and this is a lot considering my habits. But then again, I went through a mini transformation. Nothing is off-limits anymore.

Lonely Today

I thought I liked being alone.

But suddenly without you it was lonely today!

This one comes from personal experience. Simple as it is, it shows a certain vulnerability when you are dependent on someone. It could be friendshio, relationship, food partners, etc. So cherishing each bond with all your heart becomes verybimportant.
This also completes the sunset series. Don’t forget to check out the feed on all its glory!

This image is something I posted on my Instagram account. Find more of my original prose and poetry on InstagramFacebook, & Pinterest.

Wise Words Wednesday 14.08.19

“Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you someone who has never achieved much.”
― Joan Collins

I need to explain my absence from WordPress for the last 2 or 3 weeks. I had my exams and was trying to focus on them, albeit I know the extent of my focus 😀 Haha. Anyway, I am hopefully back to regular posting and there would be a bevy of posts on my blog. For a few days after the exams, I was just proacrastinating and it had already been so long since I had posted, I felt weird even saying anything. But I love my blog so much, that I could never think of leaving it forever. More posts on poetry, and travel coming soon. Have a great day everyone!


Throwback Thursday 14.3.2019

I have not done one of these in such a long time! It seems unreal, and I feel just as giddy posting my old work out in the world. Well, they say face your fears. So here we are, with this article from 2009. It was for an English class assignment. All I remember is that we were probably asked to choose our own topic. Obviously, I chose something really wise and grown up. The article reads beautifully if I do say so myself. It is called “Simply Read Not, Take Up”. Like I said, quite a grown-up piece.

Page 1/2

I had a lot of fun reading it yesterday when I found some of my old papers. The article is redundant at places and there are some corrections that I may have made sometime after actually writing it. It is about peace, and you can see it was written by a fourteen-year-old. And I would have exceeded the word limit. Fun fact: Word limits existed only for me and two other girls in my junior high class! However, with all my Throwback Thursdays on Vintage Sapience I can say just one thing – I am glad I got better with time. At least that is what I tell myself!

Page 2/2

Is there something you did in the past that is a funny anecdote? I would love to know. Thanks for reading.


The Faux Farewell Speech

The One I am Too Nice to Actually Say!

What it feels like to write your exit speech when you’re not even going yet. With no exit strategy in sight. My frame of mind is just as expected. They don’t lie when they say that you learn from your experiences. I’ve learned something from each and every one of you. Actively or passively. And that’s why experiences are valued more than studies.

I’m happy and sad to have come here and have mixed feelings about going too. Wait a minute – I think I’m only happy. I will miss some people. Some more than the others. And having been on both sides of the ODC, as being the only person of life and annuity, I know which side is better. And where I received some more love. A bit of unsolicited advice. There’s also a teeny problem of sharing knowledge. Nobody wants to. And if you could, people would feel more welcome, and with warm feelings. Maybe the attrition rate wouldn’t be so high then.

I wrote this little scribble a few months ago. When I had some bad days and did not know of a way out. It is not that I was sad, I was just tired and fast running out of patience. I had learned all that I had needed to, and there was no spark with the work I was doing. And that can wreak havoc on your life and mental health in the long run. Anyway, good news, an exit is in sight. And I can safely post this without any people reading and reacting outlandishly! Maybe I will do a post with my plan, how did I get here, and all the optimism that fuelled my decisions in the last few days. Share your eccentric office situations if you’d like, or your wins because I’m here to read it all. Thanks for reading. Have a good day 🙂

Where have I been?

I have been gone a little bit; inactive I would like to think. Infact, yesterday I missed the wise Words Wednesday too! There have been some changes in my life. Some things I wanted to achieve about 10 months ago are falling into place now. To say that I have been busy would be an understatement. But that has never stopped me before from blogging. So I wonder what combination of cause and effect situations rendered me inactive on WordPress.

One is that I have been juggling work, emails, formal meetings, deadlines, Instagram accounts and trying to sleep! 😛 Jokes aside, it has been a bit of a muddle. Everything all at once, and since I did not want the blog to suffer, obviously IT bore the brunt of all my tiredness.

I guess if everything falls through, I will have more time to sit and write a lot. I have been using a lot of my creative energy over on Instagram, where whatever you do, the algorithm would hate you! Not the most ideal platform for writers, but then what is nowadays? You could say that it is a little bit of a writers block too.

Anyway, I will try to make more of an effort from now on! I have a few travel posts, 1 haul post and some book reviews that I need to write and publish. Please send wishes, and happy writing vibes so I get on the keyboard and churn out posts for my sanity!

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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