Wildflowers (Short Poem)

Push us down
And like wildflowers
We’ll bloom bigger, brighter.

Image Credits: Valery Rybakow



Cocktail rings to bell the charms,

Every ornament that adorns your arm,

Each for every battle you won,

Millions that bind & become one!


Starts with the ring. The ring brings attention to all other jewelry that she adorns. Each of what she wears is symbolic of every war she fought-and won! Because then, she brought many people together, as one: under her reign. Possible figurative meaning: The woman has faced many hurdles. And successfully crossed each obstacle. And so if she wears those jewels, it’s not for herself, but for all those people who she brought under her umbrella reign. Her country folk thank her for her contributions & efforts by showering their love. And those too, she wears selflessly, because of her duties as their leader. In the process, uniting people & making it one big happy family.

This was first posted on the blog in March 2016.

Image Credits: Jeff Simpson


Stepping into my heart
Softly scaling the boundaries
Finding our way together.

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