Bringing Back Throwback Thursday!

Like anyone else, I did not plan on writing. Poetry happened by chance, and it took it’s own sweet time to blossom. Long after that, I decided my work was average enough to be read by strangers on the Internet. After all, who bothers with how mediocre or infantile it is.(I make attempts to be funny with my writing, but I seldom succeed.) But that was before. On WordPress, all I got was love from the bloggers around me.

Throwback Thursday is not a new trend. In fact, Throwback Thursday or #TBT was entered in the Urban Dictionary 2003. Up to date with my trends, aren’t I? I digress. I will kickstart this new tradition on my blog with some of my old stuff. Ancient poetry, articles I wrote when I was a teenager and stuff I scribbled on parchments I never got to conclude.

This photo is a poem I wrote way back in 2006. I was probably in 5th grade. It is called ‘In the Garden of Eden’. For a beginner, the rhyme scheme was by the book! The idea was simple imagery. I would like to think it worked because the topic was Utopian. Or was it? This poem impressed my teacher and my family. It even impressed me, because I didn’t know I could do this. I didn’t believe I could string two words together in symmetry, make poetry. It was elegant, or so I thought. It was a humble beginning. Ah, the nostalgia of the days gone by. Throwback goals achieved!

I still have a lot to learn but I am glad I started somewhere. This was Throwback Thursday, Articulo Uno. I hereby bare my childish words, for your amusement! If you were tickled by it, I will make it a regular thing.



A throwback to old times and good memories!


Throwback Thursday – Exam Special

All those years ago, when writing was part of summer vacation assignments, I never thought I’d pick up on this little habit, and go on to enjoy it so much. Which is why it is never a surprise when I read my kiddish, simple, just happy poems from aeons ago. Those were easier days and blissful was the theme for everything I wrote. Not that I don’t write happy poems today. It’s only a rare feature now.

Onto this poem, After the Exams. I’m sure it was written 9 years ago, and it found a place in my diary in 2009 when I was cataloguing all of my scattered poems. Although it is basically a list of all the things people do when their exams are over, the excitement is palpable. Just for the sake of Throwback Thursday, a cheeky smile will last on my face all day, proud of what I accomplished with this masterpiece. (Jokes!)

P.S. Don’t miss the cute little “Snap Shut” drawing of a book at the top! 😉


Have a great day!


Throwback Thursday: Rain Edition

When I was a kid, I had a really positive take on life. Even till a couple years ago, I used to write flowery, happy poems on cheery topics. It is so good to look back on them and appreciate the simplistic nature of obvious poems because these were my stepping stones to writing more complex, well-woven poems over the years. Or so I believe.

The whole concept of me doing Throwback Thursdays was to go back and see what I wrote so many years ago, and have a little giggle about it too! This poem is atleast from 2006, more than 11 years ago! And it found a place in my poems diary when I made it in the year 2009. It is called ‘Rain: Showers of Happiness’. In a few words, it describes what it feels like when it rains. Enjoy the pitter-patter of these words and leave comments if you find it amusing! Here it is:


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First Throwback Thursday of The New Year

Happy New Year everyone! 😀

I have been M.I.A since the new year because of some exciting location changes. I tried to not let it impact my blog, but alas! Therefore, I had not even properly wished everyone a very Happy New Year. I do hope this one is better than 2016. I am back with my regular posting schedule which resumes today.

Keeping alive the legacy of Throwback Thursdays that I have observed for the last month, I am back with my first one for this year. Yes, I plan to keep doing it until I’ve run out of funny, old, embarrassing poems I wrote as a perpetual kid 😉

This throwback Thursday post is one from 2010! It is a very brave topic and my rendition is painfully accurate. It may not be perfectly poetic, or a polished piece of work, but it is still a great read. I used to think highly of a lot of things. And that is why most of the old poems seem almost utopian!


Hoping that you guys had an amazing New Year’s eve, partying all night or cozying up in bed with a good book/movie. Share!

I have a couple more followers and tons of likes that I saw when I logged in after 10 whole days off. Thank you for being amazing to me in 2016. Hope I can continue the same stint in the new year. Some beginning-of-the-year posts along the way. 🙂 Have a great day, hope you enjoyed this Throwback!

Throwback Thursday

I have been posting the first few poems I ever wrote as part of the Throwback Thursday series. Normally, people would upload photographs of themselves in embarrassing situations or in 9os style! My content channels who I was those many years ago and it IS surprising to see how I have grown.

I used to write on everyday things in a sing-song manner. And now I when I pen down something, I make up my own structure and word preference. The poem that I am posting today was written a decade ago. It makes me feel old talking about stuff that I created in 2006, 10 whole years ago. I started maintaining a diary in 2009 and cataloged all my writings,

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Throwback Thursday

In true ‘vintage’ style ( a humble nod to the blog name 😉 ), I began doing posts showcasing my oldest, weirdest poems and articles. I thought they would be funny and heartwarming. Quite honestly, though, they are somewhat embarrassing! But that’s what makes #TBT a fun experience.

This one is titled “When We Learn To Live” and was written way back on 14th August 2009! I had the good sense of dating my work, as childish as it may be. I have also been fortunate enough to have my mom keep a track of my million diaries and pages on which I used to scribble. I realize that my poetry was all with a strict rhyme scheme and perfect situations. This one has a really promising beginning but is like a life lesson in a sing-song manner. I am still very proud of the fact that I could write at least this much.

when we learn to live vintage sapience.jpg

I do hope you guys enjoyed one of my ancient poems. Here is one of my posts from December 2015.