Wildflowers (Short Poem)

Push us down
And like wildflowers
We’ll bloom bigger, brighter.

Image Credits: Valery Rybakow


Wise Words Wednesday (Women’s Day Edition)

There is nothing rarer, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”

Steve Maraboli

Happy early Women’s Day! To all the ladies, and the men- because who are we without the women in our lives 🙂


Drowning in your shadow
Bereft of all emotion
You asked, and I simply let go
Taking over the reigns of my life
A witness to my crimson glow.


This post was first published on this blog in February 2017.

Daily Posting in February

Hey! Almost every one of you would know that I have an Instagram account where I only post my original poetry. The account is fairly new considering I’ve been blogging for over two years now. And in the spirit of the Valentine month, I took up this daily posting challenge started by the Illogical Poem World account. They have posted a list of prompts for each day of February, and announce the winners for each day by following the hashtag.

And, I’m posting everyday on Instagram! I am on a roll. It seemed like a daunting task in the beginning but I’ve done it for 10 days without fail. I would love to have all of you guys with me there too. Leave some encouraging comments, likes and follows. I would be delighted! 🙂 My account is sv__poetry. I post only the shorter forms of my poetry, because those get the most engagement.

Full Disclosure: Poetry is my valentine. And yes, I’m a dork. But I love Love. And who am I to deny the inspiration that it serves for some excellent writing!

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Wise Words Wednesday 1.10.18

“Politeness is okay, but it gets old and boring. You want to attack life with a passion, not a politeness, you want people to think about you and remember you and say “she is so passionate” you don’t want people to think about you and remember you and say “she is so polite,” because, who cares about polite?”
― C. JoyBell C.

I am polite. There I said it. But this quote moved me…to be more passionate. I guess there is one more resolution I can make for this year. Also, whenever I search for quotes on specific things, 9 out 10 times I find a quote by C. Joybell C. and I end up liking it the best. Her words are always so spot on!


Less Fancy Perfection

Without the frill and bows
But tippy tap toes,
In your throes
This way our love goes…

This one is about accepting the imperfections of your relationship. That even though it might not be as fancy as some perfect love story, it has its own realism, sanctity, and romance!