Delhi Book Fair Haul: 2018 Edition

It happened again! I bought more books.

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It was the Delhi Book Fair last month, and this is the haul post. Yes, haul because I got quite a few books and some stationery items that made me very happy. Full disclosure, I still haven’t read a lot of the books that I got last year. But here I am, buying more beautiful books to add to my collection, and I don’t regret it one bit!

I’ve never been one to follow the tradition of buying just as many books I would read. It was a rainy day, and only I know how I reached the fairgrounds. Because there was muddy water almost up to our knees at one point, and even entering became a challenge. But we had a strong will. Not to sound too full of me, but we triumphed. The day got gradually better because the weather was pleasant and well Books! So, following are all the cool things I found. I’ll mention the Goodreads rating and the price of the books for your reference.

  • The first two books from the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. Divergent(Goodreads Rating 4.3/5) and Insurgent(GR 4.1/5).


I was stoked to find that the particular stall didn’t have the next two in the same theme to complete my series. Rs 150 each. Continue reading “Delhi Book Fair Haul: 2018 Edition”

Not Your Average Book Haul! (feat. Stationery)

I went to the local book fair a few days ago, which has been a bi-annual tradition of mine for the last few years. This one was the International version, which meant they featured books of different authors from a lot of different countries, which I would appreciate if I knew any other language. Jokes apart, I saw some coffee-table books and photographic ones that were different and that I loved! This post will be my Book Haul and some stationery bits that I could not refrain from buying.

Another reason why this Haul is extra special is that it includes books that my very thoughtful friend gifted to me, mere days after the Fair. I was so excited because she got me two of the very books that I mentioned in my 2018 Book Bucket List.

Another habit of my mine is to go completely gaga purchasing books. And, don’t even get me started on stationery – Me look-ey, me buy-ey! And, that has resulted in an overflowing bookcase and a not so full bank account. However, this time I was rational about each and every decision, like looking up Goodreads ratings for each book.; and gauging the practical use of each stationery item that I bought. I’ll start with the stationery:

  • Owl Hard-Bound Notebook in A5
    Okay, yes. I bought another diary, in another print, made of handmade paper that I will save for a rainy day. But, I’m also planning to make doodles, for which this would be perfect, handy and easy-to-carry.

Continue reading “Not Your Average Book Haul! (feat. Stationery)”

Huge Book Haul (Pics inside!)

I wouldn’t go the cliched way and say that books are life. But I will say that they make you who you are. Every story, every memorable line and every moving paragraph can bring on intense ecstasy or catharsis. And I will admit I have been so vastly affected by such books, or such thoughts you never only in the black and white of written word.

I have a high opinion of books because I believe that they are the truest sources of information, ideas, and influence. It’s no wonder I jump at the opportunity to buy some more books. Just one more, just this one and it ends up being a haul. I don’t expect anything else from myself either!

We had the local book fair two weeks ago, and I was lucky enough to go to it on the very first day. Having been to the last few made me realize that the first few days are the best. All the books are in stock, and you can have your pick of the lot, with not a lot of effort. I had gone in with a list of books based on their Goodreads rating – classics, fiction and modern ones and I am happy to say that a majority of my list was completed 😀 Without further ado, here are my one million books! Continue reading “Huge Book Haul (Pics inside!)”

Another Big Stationery Haul!

The only way I know how to please my soul is with stationery! Whether I’m happy, or sad I look at my huge stash of diaries, notebooks, pencils and feel at peace. I had been very busy with work the last couple of months and therefore, I keep treating myself with the small little things that make me happy. Which is why I’m back with another stationery haul! Oh, I wish I could do one of these every day. 😀 You can see my last stationery post here which was incidentally my 100th blog on Vintage Sapience too.

I am like a giddy little teenager when it comes to this! I keep buying trinkets here and there and I end up with a lot of funky, beautiful items over every few months. I display the beautiful items and keep some pristine for later (in their packaging, not OCD at all :P). I’d recommend this kind of therapy to anyone who is even remotely excited at the prospect of good quality writing supplies. It gets me excited, and in the mood for some creative writing. Not to mention, my desk looks prim with new, and beautiful look items.

This time I went overboard buying funky notebooks for writing lists, or plain obsession!  I will write down the price in rupees (India), and convert it to the nearest dollar for simple reference. I will link the brands for the ones I bought online. Without further ado, here are all my stationery spoils:

Doodle Notebook: It is a beautiful beige colored soft-bound notebook Continue reading “Another Big Stationery Haul!”

100th Post : Huge Stationery Haul!

Milestones. Milestones. The one-hundredth post on Vintage Sapience. Seems just yesterday when I was on the first one!

It is only fair that I celebrate it with something new and special. A stationery haul. I had attended my maiden Stationery Fair two weeks ago and since then, I have been itching to share my spoils with everyone! Then I saw I had 96 posts on the blog and decided that the 100th one would be the stationery loot 😉 Continue reading “100th Post : Huge Stationery Haul!”

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