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My poem ”Raging Battles” featured 4th amongst the best Poetry, on the! I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

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RAGING BATTLES, Poetry by Saloni Verma

My poem ‘Raging Battles’ was published on the Festival for Poetry website!

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Genre: Rhyme, Romance, Love

by Saloni Verma

A young girl walks bare feet,
Amongst the gunpowder and debris,
She looks at the bloody bodies, now covered,
She mourns deeply for her beloved.

The world was such an empty place before,
Then came her prince-on-the-white-horse to the fore,
They shared a bond that could last forevermore
The world wasn’t so empty anymore.

He was a soldier of the state,
Serving the country was his fate,
He loved his girl and his nation,
He was his country’s true citizen.

They walked the lush gardens hand-in-hand,
They scoured for shells in the golden sand,
They ran gleefully in the rain,
They were not aware of the upcoming pain.

One day, he got called for his duty,
He was called to serve at the front;
They were taught to show no pity,
The enemy had to face the brunt.

The girl was…

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