Top Ten Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions

Ever since we were kids, our parents encourage us to have some resolutions that we can follow throughout the year. It starts simple – like resolving to wake up early. Or taking up an activity that will help us grow into well-rounded individuals.  As we grow up, though, these resolutions start to seem insignificant. I, for one, know that I have not been following through with my resolutions 😉

Cheeky, isn’t it? Which is why I almost stopped having New Year’s Resolutions. I also know that a lot of people struggle with such promises that we make to ourselves on January, the First. But, over the years, I’ve realized that there are some simple ways to keep up the resolution day after day. This is a very weird topic for my Top Ten Tuesday, but a really practical one for everyone because these tips and a little bit of willpower are all we need to have a good first start and a regular stint in the months to come. Here are my 10 tips for making new year’s resolutions stick:

  1. Start Small, Set Realistic Resolutions: Choose a goal which is practical for you and you can opt to build on it throughout the year. One of the most common goals is to get healthy which can be broken down into eating healthy, exercising and feeling good. It is crucial to gradually get into the workout regimen by starting small on the very first day and then increasing the intensity of the exercise schedule. Gradually letting your body get used to the changes is key to success. Small steps and achievable goals make us a lot more agreeable to the goals that we set for ourselves.
  2. Pen Down Your Resolutions: It can be statistically proven that the people who write their resolutions on paper more likely succeed in achieving them. It adds a sense of importance to our goals and makes us accountable to a list of things we wrote down.
  3. Maintain a Diary and Analyse the Progress: It is a good practice to write down your progress in a notebook that serves the sole purpose of cataloging your progress at the promise. Create a plan of action that is simple enough to follow and write that down. This way you can refer it at any given time and reboot your action plan accordingly.
  4. Use Apps: In this fast paced time, a lot of people might struggle with the very idea of keeping a diary. It would be simpler to use apps on our phones or laptops to guide us through. Simple note taking apps like Evernote are excellent for writing down anything.You can also set reminders and can separate it into different notebooks according to your needs. It is available for free on the Android Play Store and iTunes.
  5. Willpower Your Way Through: It is extremely important to come to the realization that each resolution will make us happier as we aim to fulfill it. Knowing it in your heart and pushing yourself just a little bit more (than last year) will be the one thing that will bring it home for your success in the new year.
  6. Keep a Prize System: Celebrate small successes in an appropriate manner. Rewards work like positive reinforcement for the mind and body. It will be another thing to look forward to when you have worked really hard to work towards something. This is something I’ve promised myself too. I will get to buy something from my bucket list every time I complete one of the steps from my resolution diary! 🙂
  7. Do it With a Friend: This is one piece of advice I share with everyone when it comes to tips for keeping new year’s resolutions. Specially when you have goals like lose weight, read 10 books or declutter your life. If you have another friend dong it with you. you’ll be accountable to them as well. The probability of failure gets reduced and you both can encourage each other and be inspired simultaneously.
  8. Think of the Goal: Dream of the end where you have successfully completed this resolution. The finish line is the bigger picture and that should drive all your decisions. Always go back to your new year goal setting worksheet and imagine the moment when you can proudly say, ‘Yes, I dit it’, ‘I lost 40 pounds’, ‘I read 20 books’, etc. Because that feeling is enough to charge you up.
  9. Repetiton and Reminders: We forget what we set out to achieve in a humdrum life. The diary may be in the corner of a drawer, or you may lose the will to do it. But you can set out reminders, and you can start any day. Remember, the new year is just another day where you promised yourself. Never think you’ll have Tomorrow to start. Reminders on the fridge door, or a simple ding from the app on your phone should get you to jumpstart the routine you envisioned for yourself.
  10. Avoid the Stress: Sometimes the frustration of not achieving the goals can eat at you. There will be some days when you are too tired, ill or plain lazy. Do a small portion of the task if you feel like it, or have an off day. One is allowed! Dance to some music, lift your spirits because you got one life to live, and being happy will keep you healthy so you can start back up the next day.

I was really in my Motivation mode today! But, I hope these tips help you out a little bit. It is the Third week of January and the perfect time to post these tips because some of us have already started slacking (including me). And it is not too late to start up again. This post was as much for me, as it was for you. The best of us need a little push every now and then.

What were some of your New Year’s Resolutions? And do you have your own ways to sticking to them? Share with me, so I can get off my lazy bum and exercise!

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  1. I’m such a slack that I always allow myself till the end of January to set down my resolutions haha! Your list is good, but no apps for me, it would just be one more thing to have to think about. I’m going to concentrate on your 1,2 and 3 this year, and 8 and 10 to make things more human 🙂

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