First Throwback Thursday of The New Year

Happy New Year everyone! 😀

I have been M.I.A since the new year because of some exciting location changes. I tried to not let it impact my blog, but alas! Therefore, I had not even properly wished everyone a very Happy New Year. I do hope this one is better than 2016. I am back with my regular posting schedule which resumes today.

Keeping alive the legacy of Throwback Thursdays that I have observed for the last month, I am back with my first one for this year. Yes, I plan to keep doing it until I’ve run out of funny, old, embarrassing poems I wrote as a perpetual kid 😉

This throwback Thursday post is one from 2010! It is a very brave topic and my rendition is painfully accurate. It may not be perfectly poetic, or a polished piece of work, but it is still a great read. I used to think highly of a lot of things. And that is why most of the old poems seem almost utopian!


Hoping that you guys had an amazing New Year’s eve, partying all night or cozying up in bed with a good book/movie. Share!

I have a couple more followers and tons of likes that I saw when I logged in after 10 whole days off. Thank you for being amazing to me in 2016. Hope I can continue the same stint in the new year. Some beginning-of-the-year posts along the way. 🙂 Have a great day, hope you enjoyed this Throwback!

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