Top Ten Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions

Ever since we were kids, our parents encourage us to have some resolutions that we can follow throughout the year. It starts simple – like resolving to wake up early. Or taking up an activity that will help us grow into well-rounded individuals.  As we grow up, though, these resolutions start to seem insignificant. I, for one, know that I have not been following through with my resolutions 😉

Cheeky, isn’t it? Which is why I almost stopped having New Year’s Resolutions. I also know that a lot of people struggle with such promises that we make to ourselves on January, the First. But, over the years, I’ve realized that there are some simple ways to keep up the resolution day after day. This is a very weird topic for my Top Ten Tuesday, but a really practical one for everyone because these tips and a little bit of willpower are all we need to have a good first start and a regular stint in the months to come. Here are my 10 tips for making new year’s resolutions stick: Continue reading “Top Ten Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions”

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