100th Post : Huge Stationery Haul!

Milestones. Milestones. The one-hundredth post on Vintage Sapience. Seems just yesterday when I was on the first one!

It is only fair that I celebrate it with something new and special. A stationery haul. I had attended my maiden Stationery Fair two weeks ago and since then, I have been itching to share my spoils with everyone! Then I saw I had 96 posts on the blog and decided that the 100th one would be the stationery loot 😉

New Delhi had it’s first Stationery Fair from July 29-July 31, 2016. Although we were taken aback to find out that it was strictly B2B(Business to Business) when we reached, we were optimistic about our chances. It was an extremely rainy day, but no muddy shoes could bring down my paper-high!

As the huge stationery connoisseur that I am, I lunged at the opportunity to experience and buy supplies at a fair. Though mostly littered with office supplies-pens, gifts, paper, diaries, calendars, merchandise and decorative items, it was my kind of heaven!

I ended up buying tons of stuff, a lot more than I thought I would be able to in an office-based stationery fair. It’s no surprise, stationery freak that I am. Without further ado, let’s delve into the loot!

1. Hardcover Square Rose-Gold Diary with buttons that adorn the front and an elastic band to close it up nice. It has beautiful insides of handmade paper and pressed flowers texture. Great for writing poems, etc. Would make an amazing present.

IMG_20160731_133337.jpg    IMG_20160731_133551.jpg

Brown Leather Bound Journal



Beautifully brown with plain lines inside. No dates, so excellent for penning down your thoughts as you wish.


Small pocket sized diary in dusky pink. Most appropriate for writing down random things on-the-go. The front is adorned with dried flowers and a gold thread for tying around sleekly.


A unique pen stand in black with a gold-foiled motif. It was a diagonal-shaped cardboard pen stand, and surprisingly cheap. I have already filled it with my everyday pens and pencils.


Brass pen stand with felt lining on the insides. Has intricate carving on the outside and is a stunner! My most expensive buy of the day, but totally worth it. It now houses my pristine pens and special pencils.


A white and tangerine diary with the same handmade paper inside. I immediately fell in love with a paisley front cover which is a rare find. This one also comes with a snug band in orange and black.


Brown Shagan envelopes with a singularly beautiful mirroring effect. #GiftingGoals


Gift paper in Pink with black felt leaves and glittery silver flowers. I am a hoarder of one of a kind gift wraps, so this was a must. I might do a gift paper post as well. Maybe make this a monthly thing.

And, a Paradise Printing exclusive into digital prints, how normal cut paper (Left) can be folded and made into a pencil box, a normal container or sweets takeaway box (Right). It was surprisingly fun for me to do!

IMG_20160731_145921.jpg    IMG_20160731_150208.jpg

These are all the pamphlets, brochures and visiting cards I managed to amass. It is a lot!


And, that’s a wrap. Phew! This is everything I bought, laid out in a worthy display.


I ended up with these items because they make me happy. Using pretty stationery is worth having an occasional splurge. Some of these would make great gifts if I could convince myself to part with them dearly beloveds.

Leave comments if you want to know more about the companies that produced these products, or to place an order for yourself. These are also available in bulk, corporate gifting, and personalised supplies.

I loved writing this post. If you loved it too, I’ll do more.


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15 thoughts on “100th Post : Huge Stationery Haul!

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  1. Teehee! Didn’t think a blogger like you would be into collecting and/or using stationery like … past generations 🙂 If you do use them, I hope you have a dependable post office service, because they’re lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. Infact, I am a bit obsessed!
      Vintage items appeal to me.
      Glad someone liked it. People on YouTube do tons of haul videos. And I didn’t know if a haul blog post would work..

      Thanks for the lovely comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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