Another Big Stationery Haul!

The only way I know how to please my soul is with stationery! Whether I’m happy, or sad I look at my huge stash of diaries, notebooks, pencils and feel at peace. I had been very busy with work the last couple of months and therefore, I keep treating myself with the small little things that make me happy. Which is why I’m back with another stationery haul! Oh, I wish I could do one of these every day. 😀 You can see my last stationery post here which was incidentally my 100th blog on Vintage Sapience too.

I am like a giddy little teenager when it comes to this! I keep buying trinkets here and there and I end up with a lot of funky, beautiful items over every few months. I display the beautiful items and keep some pristine for later (in their packaging, not OCD at all :P). I’d recommend this kind of therapy to anyone who is even remotely excited at the prospect of good quality writing supplies. It gets me excited, and in the mood for some creative writing. Not to mention, my desk looks prim with new, and beautiful look items.

This time I went overboard buying funky notebooks for writing lists, or plain obsession!  I will write down the price in rupees (India), and convert it to the nearest dollar for simple reference. I will link the brands for the ones I bought online. Without further ado, here are all my stationery spoils:

Doodle Notebook: It is a beautiful beige colored soft-bound notebook by Doodle. It says “These are some of my favorite things” on the front and has small cutout figures, cupcakes and animals all over the front. The back side is textured beige cover (dream come true for ASMR lovers). It has 200 pages of 80 GSM thickness. It feels premium and is a beautiful notebook.

Price: Rs. 280/ $4.20   Buy it here


Karunavan Small Diary: This coffee themed A6 notebook was pretty pricey for its size. But I still love it because it has pages with coffee stains and that is my favorite thing in the world. The color scheme is beautiful, with 100 pages of good quality paper. Any normal person would use it, but I have saved it for something special.

Price: Rs. 250/ $3.75  Buy it here


Evergreen A5 Notebook: This is an A5 sized notebook with Chevron print in multicolor. The pages are regular thickness and ruled. I have already started scribbling things in this one. I bought it from my local market. It was more expensive than regular notebooks are supposed to be, but that’s a price you pay for cute stuff!

Price: Rs. 90/ $1.95


German-English Stories Book: Granted this is a book, but it is one of the most beautiful stationery pieces I own. The book is cloth-bound, with intricate rose gold design, and specs of green all through. I intend for it to be a coffee table book, for everyone to adore and enjoy. It has stunning photos of artwork accompanied by stories from German and Indian authors, translated. I can only imagine how good it would look. I will not be mentioning the price for this one, as it is special beyond measure.



Om Book Shop Notebook: A full sized notebook at last! It has 200 pages of good quality paper which are a dream to write in. It currently resides on my table as a keepsake. It has the Eiffel Tower, and other Paris-y, romantic drawings on it. And glossy writings extends on its whole exterior which make it a very dreamy, very posh noteboook to own.

Price: Rs. 230/ $3.45


Crossword Blue Spiral Diary: Can you tell I like doodles right now? Haha.It is a funky blue spiral diary, A5 size almost. With simple rules pages, but comfortable writing space, I quite like this one. I bought it at the Crossword store, in a mall near my home.

Price: Rs. 110/ $1.65



Funky Placemats: Doodles again. These are really good quality placemats that we got for our home from the mall. It has Spongebob, Starbucks, Facebook, and many other colorful things on it. It just spoke to me in the shop and I couldn’t resist its charms. It was an impulse buy but I have been using these for the last month and I can’t get enough of them.

And last, but not least, I got this Owl bookmark with one of my other purchases that I totally love. It is brown with streaks of gold sheen, and beautiful in a certain light.

I hope you liked this stationery haul. It would be perfect for any stationery-lovers out there. And slightly amusing for any other who has the front row seat to my obsession for good office and writing supplies. You can read my last Stationery Post and tell me if I have a disorder or is it perfectly normal to have a splurge once in a while. Have a great day!




5 thoughts on “Another Big Stationery Haul!

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  1. I can relate to your love of great stationery, but beware of what happens a few decades down the line when you really won’t know what to do with all your beautiful notebooks – or where to put them in times of downsizing 🙂


    1. Honestly, I worry about that too sometimes. But in my head, I create this picture of a museum where all this vintage stationery is displayed and revered! It is a far-fetched idea, I realize. But, what can the ol’ heart do about it. Maybe younger people will finally put them to use like I never could. Thanks for being practical with me, though! 🙂

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