Delhi Book Fair Haul: 2018 Edition

It happened again! I bought more books.

more books vintage sapience

It was the Delhi Book Fair last month, and this is the haul post. Yes, haul because I got quite a few books and some stationery items that made me very happy. Full disclosure, I still haven’t read a lot of the books that I got last year. But here I am, buying more beautiful books to add to my collection, and I don’t regret it one bit!

I’ve never been one to follow the tradition of buying just as many books I would read. It was a rainy day, and only I know how I reached the fairgrounds. Because there was muddy water almost up to our knees at one point, and even entering became a challenge. But we had a strong will. Not to sound too full of me, but we triumphed. The day got gradually better because the weather was pleasant and well Books! So, following are all the cool things I found. I’ll mention the Goodreads rating and the price of the books for your reference.

  • The first two books from the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. Divergent(Goodreads Rating 4.3/5) and Insurgent(GR 4.1/5).


I was stoked to find that the particular stall didn’t have the next two in the same theme to complete my series. Rs 150 each.

  • The White Tiger, Aravind Adiga(GR 3.7/5). It won him the Man Booker Award. And Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna (GR 3.5/5).


I feel like all this time I was growing up to read these books. Rs 200 each.

  • Aprons and Silver Spoons by Mollie Moran.(GR 4/5).


Interpretation of Murder, Jed Rubenfield.(GR 3.5/5).

Bluestockings, Jane Robinson (GR 3.8/5). These were all a steal at Rs 100 each with their phenomenal Goodreads rating. I feel like some people buy books at the fair because of the hype, and some buy because of the price. And every once in a while you’ll spot someone standing, mulling over the excerpt and actually caring about its contents.

  • The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown(GR 3.8/5). Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by JK Rowling (GR 4.5/5). These were both to complete our collection!

We sometimes lend our books to friends for reading and The Da Vinci code never made its way back. These were at Rs 150 and Rs 300 respectively.

  • Origin, by Dan Brown (GR 3.8/5). Again with my Dan Brown obsession. And The Storyteller, by Jodi Picoult (GR 4.3/5).

IMAG7847I’ve heard so much about her, and am really excited about this.

  • Why I am so clever, by Frederich Nietzche (GR 3.2/5). This cheeky little Amazon order that arrived the very next day of the fair. This was Rs 49 only!

IMAG7850.jpg It’s turning out to be a more difficult read than I imagined, because of its hard vocabulary. Also, how great are Amazon, they will send along a bookmark no matter the price of the book.

Now with the other stationery bits that I fell in love with, and bought.

  • This little A4 London print organizer that I thought would make my life better. Rs 200.


  • An eye mask with a cooling pad, that I would probably never use, but couldn’t resist because cute. Rs 150.


  • And 2 rubber bands, because I’m a girl. Rs 50. All of this is available from Rumra at if you want to check it out. I’m sure it could be internationally shipped too.


  • This beautiful leather-bound notebook. Rs 150.


  • These bookmarks from Apoc(also on Instagram) that cost me a pretty penny, but were drool-worthy.


  • A set of brown notebooks. I fawn over pretty stationery if you can’t tell. I’m a fiend.


  • These adorable children’s books in Hindi for the two kids in our family.


  • And wrapping up, these cutesy scribble pads for everyday list-making. I’m quite into lists too.


Total Book Count: 16

Total Money Spent: Cannot even begin to imagine. The book fair is fairly cheap when it comes to common books. But even the sellers know what books are trending, and hike up their prices.

Here it is, in all its glory!


Leave a little like if you liked the haul, and recommend some more books that I could buy in the next fair that happens around January. 😉

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