The Faux Farewell Speech

The One I am Too Nice to Actually Say!

What it feels like to write your exit speech when you’re not even going yet. With no exit strategy in sight. My frame of mind is just as expected. They don’t lie when they say that you learn from your experiences. I’ve learned something from each and every one of you. Actively or passively. And that’s why experiences are valued more than studies.

I’m happy and sad to have come here and have mixed feelings about going too. Wait a minute – I think I’m only happy. I will miss some people. Some more than the others. And having been on both sides of the ODC, as being the only person of life and annuity, I know which side is better. And where I received some more love. A bit of unsolicited advice. There’s also a teeny problem of sharing knowledge. Nobody wants to. And if you could, people would feel more welcome, and with warm feelings. Maybe the attrition rate wouldn’t be so high then.

I wrote this little scribble a few months ago. When I had some bad days and did not know of a way out. It is not that I was sad, I was just tired and fast running out of patience. I had learned all that I had needed to, and there was no spark with the work I was doing. And that can wreak havoc on your life and mental health in the long run. Anyway, good news, an exit is in sight. And I can safely post this without any people reading and reacting outlandishly! Maybe I will do a post with my plan, how did I get here, and all the optimism that fuelled my decisions in the last few days. Share your eccentric office situations if you’d like, or your wins because I’m here to read it all. Thanks for reading. Have a good day 🙂

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