Marry someone who..

Marry someone

who loves your morning

just-woken-up face!

I know this could get heated. I myself am not a huge fan of the concept, but for people who would marry someone, it could be helpful if they were in love with the real you! No makeup, no pretentions and masks. That is what this post signifies.

Image Credits: Wiffles

Alan Rickman (1946-2016)

That one wispy teardrop

Washed all of Snape’s

Sins away.

A memory so saccharine

Strong with  love

Even Lily would

cry her heart out today.


I hope that Alan Rickman rests in peace. He was one of the only actors who could make us fall in love a  Snape, a Hans Gruber and yet be in ‘Love, Actually’.


Here is him again. Charming as ever. A dying breed of chivalrous, extremely talented and modest men. We love you.

After all this time? Always!


Truer Lies

The whole truth is only a misnomer now. What we call the truth may technically only be a half-truth. Some people would be served untruths and some are worthy of truer lies. In this medley of half-truths, truer lies and guarded secrets, who can we truly trust?

Man is a social being, is he not? His friends, family and neighbors make up his society. Also now, his Facebook friends, and non-friends(😉) are important stakeholders in deciding what kind of image he has in the society.

I may be a wealthy person, but as long as it is a secret, not many people would value me for even the right reasons. Continue reading “Truer Lies”

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