Top Ten Tuesdays: Suspense TV Shows

It was a little while ago that I talked about my devotion for good TV shows. Since it was an award post Q&A, I only had to list my favorite ones. So, when Top Ten Tuesdays started, I was eager to share a list of TV shows that will surely be worth your while! All of these will entertain even the novice thriller viewers. I am passionate about the good material, be it television, Netflix or HBO. And, I would humbly call myself a connoisseur, after having sampled a wide range of shows that different networks have on offer. I have loved quite a few of them and today, I will be listing the Top Ten Suspense Shows perfect for any time watch.

It is not ideal to be known as the Idiot Box Expert, but TV has certainly grown and there is god quality content on offer today, almost for free. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesdays: Suspense TV Shows”

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