Your calm.

My chaos longs for

your calm.

Well, its Valentine’s Day and I would be remiss to not post on my very lovely blog today. Hope you’re all having a great day with the love of your life, at work, with your best friends, family or just by yourself with pizza and Netflix, because  ‘yay, self-love’.

Another year and I would carefully keep my plans under wraps. Hehe, partly because I’m smack in the middle of my exams and the highlight of my day will be a few calls, some texting, good food and a ton of good music from my forever playlist.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Music (Haiku)

If you find me
silent groovin’
Headphones drowning
the world’s
Crass cacophony,
I’m happy,
Dancing to my own music!

Crass – insensitive

Cacophony – harsh, discordant mixture of sounds that can be disturbing.

For the prompt: a haiku on cacophony. And I thought what better than head phones that cut down the noise of the world and let you escape to your own world of music!

Image Credits: Fine Art America

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