Top Ten Tuesday: Best Horror Shows

The paranormal intrigues us all and the need to find out more drives us to look for good content. Anything out of the ordinary ¬†gets me hooked and this should come as no surprise that I love the horror genre. I have sampled a lot and I can honestly separate the good from the bad. Therefore, after last week’s best thriller shows this week I will be listing the best Horror TV Shows of all time.

Personally, I prefer the actual supernatural genre but there is a lot that floats for horror these days. And a lot of people choose to watch them because of the controlled content. It is also good for people who cannot watch really scary TV. This list includes the ideal scare-perfect shows and the slightly toned down verticals of the paranormal content that TV and Netflix have on offer!

1. American Horror Story


IMDB Rating : 8.2
Ryan Murphy’s FX series follows the tradition of horror anthology TV series, Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Horror Shows”

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