Blog Birthday Month !

Dear Readers,

July is the birthday month for this blog, Vintage Sapience. And I couldn’t be happier. đŸ˜€

When I started a year ago, I had no idea I would find such encouraging community of bloggers, people who are so much more affectionate than anyone you’d meet personally. (I wish I was exaggerating!)

I’ve been candid, and brutally honest in all of my posts, something that doesn’t quite come naturally to me anymore, as a person. I always thought I had scarce material for having a good blog, but somehow it was always brimming with new content. I willed myself to write more, to write better and to go back to what I loved the most – poetry. Through good times and tough ones, I decided to pen down something to keep up the posts. Because it made me happy. Writing down made me feel calm and at peace with this world that’s spinning faster than I could’ve handled. Continue reading “Blog Birthday Month !”

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