Top Ten Tuesdays: Best Horror Movies

The Ultimate List of the Scariest Horror Movies You Need to Watch

The draw of the unknown, the pull of the unexpected, non-scientific draws me to horror movies. To say that I like horror movies would be an understatement. I love them. I can watch them all day long, and not be scared anymore. So much so that I have started watching foreign horror movies as well, just to find the best scares. The list includes a Korean movie I watched that I quite enjoyed, albeit with English subtitles.

Whatever I say in a few words will fall short. This coming from a mere mortal (pun intended), there is one thing you can bank upon is my suggestion of the horror genre. Just a quick disclaimer: These movies are in my list of top ten because they are very scary and/or quite disturbing. If you don’t do well with the heaviest scares, avoid watching these. But, if the grisly the better, start watching them now.

I’ll probably do a list of light horror movies if it is even called that. For the vast majority of people who delight in viewing a film with some suspense but not a lot.

  1. A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean)

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