Ocean of Poetry

I thought I was less for you,

Look now at this ocean of poetry! 

This represents how one could feel inferior in a relationship, or not sufficient. But in this case, it’s visible that the love was true, and immense when a lot of poetry is born in the process. It proves that there is no comparison because so much art, love, poetry and prose have been created by their being in love. It’s a good sign. First posted on the blog in September 2019.

Image Credits: @callmealyne on Instagram.

Like This Pic On FB, Help Me Win!

Please like this is photo caption I wrote to help me win a challenge!

I entered in this college competition where we had to write the caption for a photo prompt. The person with the maximum likes wins. Please help me win it by clicking on this photo and liking the photo 🙂


Thanks in advance!

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