Marry someone who..

Marry someone

who loves your morning

just-woken-up face!

I know this could get heated. I myself am not a huge fan of the concept, but for people who would marry someone, it could be helpful if they were in love with the real you! No makeup, no pretentions and masks. That is what this post signifies.

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Acceptance (Happy post!)

If you have a darkness,
I am okay with it. I welcome it
towards my light!
Acceptance is the best gift
you can give to someone.

When I wrote it, this piece had a different first line, “If you’re dark, I’m okay with it”. But I realized that it might seem a little offensive, even though it was not intended that way. So my thought was that even if you believe there’s a darkness in you, I’m okay with it. And do invite it towards me, and my light – positivity, optimism. Because acceptance is such an important thing. That’s how you grow and people feel welcome. Having acceptance makes us feel loved!


PRIDE (micro-poetry)

At the first touch of your trembling lips
Mine breathe cold ice

Gathering strength
Blues meet the eyes.

No universe can satiate
Drowned souls of love’s frostbite

Two zany imperfect outliers
In this glorious moment bind.

I have been posting some of my very first poetry on this blog with the Flashback Friday series. Now I can reach a couple more bloggers and that brings me immense happiness. This poem, in particular, is one of my favorites, because the theme is so much more contemporary than my others. The theme is experiencing that moment, the second of infinite love that one can feel with the acceptance and embrace of another. I did not start it that way, but it ended up being very liberating. I’d love to know your thoughts on it too.


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