Twirl! (short poetry)

Dance a little hon!
Maybe a twirl…
Be free and
See the magic brew!

Life is not all about being uptight. Opening up, and letting yourself free can make you immensely happy. It’s about finding the things outside of your bubble that help you grow! Have a great day. 😄

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Something I’m worried about.

Will my words ever be enough
to calm the storm of emotions
and the thunders of a healing heart?

Prompt: Something I’m worried about. I did the daily posting challenge over on Instagram where this was one of the prompts. All were very thought-provoking and that made you search your soul for words.

I could have written something mundane – like life, struggles, and daily chores, but this had a certain profoundness and truth that I couldn’t resist myself!

Find more of my original prose and poetry on InstagramFacebook, & Pinterest.

Music (Haiku)

If you find me
silent groovin’
Headphones drowning
the world’s
Crass cacophony,
I’m happy,
Dancing to my own music!

Crass – insensitive

Cacophony – harsh, discordant mixture of sounds that can be disturbing.

For the prompt: a haiku on cacophony. And I thought what better than head phones that cut down the noise of the world and let you escape to your own world of music!

Image Credits: Fine Art America


Ricochets off
Your stony heart
To leave you wanting

Sometimes that can happen. Initially, the feelings of love don’t affect someone. But later they pine for the same emotions again. Because they feel lonely or unloved. But it’s too late by then.

We had to write an Elfchen on ‘Ricochet’. ricochet – (of a bullet or other projectile) rebound off a surface. Ex: a bullet ricocheted off a nearby wall”

Elfchen is a type of poem of eleven words in a specific format of words per line:

Row 1: one word
Row 2: two words
Row 3: three words
Row 4: four words and
Row 5: one word.

Elf is the German word for eleven. Adding –chen to a noun in German gives it a sense of being wee or dear. The word Elfchen (always capitalized, as are all German nouns) translated into English is roughly elevenie.

Featured Image Credits: Saatchi Art

Baby Fingers!

Drowning in these

teeny little love goblets,

Never a more tempting death!

Flashback Fridays give me the delight of revisiting some of my most favorite works. This one is especially close to my heart. If you see the original post, it’s the photograph of my niece and the first time I met her properly. This was the most love I’d felt in a long time. 🙂

Featured Image Credits: Pursuit Mag


It doesn’t matter

how many words were unsaid,

Because each moiety of my heart

would love you anyway

With every bated breath!

Moiety means each of two parts into which a thing is or can be divided. Indefinite share or part. For ex: the tax was to be delivered in two pieces.
Bated means eagerly or anxiously.

Bated breath literally means “holding one’s breath. .

The next prompt of #augunfiltered was moiety. I must admit it proved to be a very challenging prompt but the thought in the post is very simple. That even if your heart is broken into a million pieces, each one is capable of love anyway. In fact, it makes your heart and your feelings even bigger when you’ve gone through something tragic. Because you can now recognise the importance of each moment and emotion. Here the person is waiting with bated breath because they are ready to love even with their heart in pieces. It’s not terribly sad, but very inviting. .

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