The Faux Farewell Speech

The One I am Too Nice to Actually Say!

What it feels like to write your exit speech when you’re not even going yet. With no exit strategy in sight. My frame of mind is just as expected. They don’t lie when they say that you learn from your experiences. I’ve learned something from each and every one of you. Actively or passively. And that’s why experiences are valued more than studies.

I’m happy and sad to have come here and have mixed feelings about going too. Wait a minute – I think I’m only happy. I will miss some people. Some more than the others. And having been on both sides of the ODC, as being the only person of life and annuity, I know which side is better. And where I received some more love. A bit of unsolicited advice. There’s also a teeny problem of sharing knowledge. Nobody wants to. And if you could, people would feel more welcome, and with warm feelings. Maybe the attrition rate wouldn’t be so high then.

I wrote this little scribble a few months ago. When I had some bad days and did not know of a way out. It is not that I was sad, I was just tired and fast running out of patience. I had learned all that I had needed to, and there was no spark with the work I was doing. And that can wreak havoc on your life and mental health in the long run. Anyway, good news, an exit is in sight. And I can safely post this without any people reading and reacting outlandishly! Maybe I will do a post with my plan, how did I get here, and all the optimism that fuelled my decisions in the last few days. Share your eccentric office situations if you’d like, or your wins because I’m here to read it all. Thanks for reading. Have a good day 🙂

Meme Monday (last of 2018)

For Meme Monday #2, I thought what better than Sandra Bullock’s Birdbox memes that are immensely popular on social media right now. I saw Ellen interview Sandra, and then all I saw trending on the internet were these memes.

In Birdbox, Sandra as a mother, puts on a blindfold to stop herself from seeing dead bodies, or any sights of gore. It is depicted that even looking at those things can probably kill you.

Even with such a serious setup, the movie has spawned a barrage of memes, each funnier than the next. Here is one I saw referenced in an Indian Express article that I loved the most:


But the memes seem to have taken over, than the general reviews online. Makes sense if 45 million people have been streaming the movie on Netflix. Incidentally, this is the first time Netflix have revealed viewing numbers for anything that they showcase. Some people are wondering how it could be that there is a flood of funny memes for a horror movie, and conjuring theories that would explain it. The most popular one is that Netflix is generating buzz around the movie by posting the memes through smaller Twitter accounts. Personally, I’m not sure that Netflix would do such a thing.

But, it made for a fun, and informative little #memeMonday post. 😉

Meme Monday #1

This is new, right? Considering how much I personally love memes, I’m surprised why I did not think of this sooner. 😛

I am going to post a funny meme, or article or reference on Mondays so that we all can have a happy, light start to the week. It would, in turn, give us the patience and energy to face the week head on, or so one can hope.

Here is the first meme for Vintage Sapience’s Meme Monday #VSMM :

I was just watching the Friends re-run, as any normal person would do, and absolutely loved this scene. So before Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory came and propagated his logic for the choice of his seat on the sofa, Joey had the same very good reasoning for where his dear Barcalounger Rosita would go. Sheldon counts almost exactly the same reasons for his choice of seat on the sofa in the living room.
Hope you enjoyed this change from the normal posting routine!

Doodles For You!!

An attempt at being funny, candid and very (very) truthful!

Doodle for you
I’m curvy.
Flavor for you
I’m witty.
Nature for you
I’m rosy.
Lesson for you
I’m funny!

Life with me
It’s peachy!
Loving with me
It’s easy.
Mornings with me
They’re cosy.
Prospect with me
It’s sunny.

Messing with me
It’s risqué.
Perfection with me
It’s a guarantee!
Limit with me
It’s infinity.
Forever with me
It’s lovely!

Adventures with me
There are many!
Talk with me
It’s quirky.
True me
Very wordy.
Yearn for me
All skinny!

Layers for you
I’m nerdy.
Decoded for you
I’m meaty!
You for me
All hunky!
I for you?
A little funky!

Compelling emotions,
Stringing words to poetry
Positively falling in love
Unawares, with yours truly!

This was first posted on the blog in April 2016.

Brown Love!


Honey how I wish

I felt for you

Like I feel for chocolate!

What I feel about chocolate is ineffable- I can never quite express in words. February being the month of love, I’ll follow a pattern of appreciation of all the things we love and adore. This is a funny, satirical one, I would think!

New Year 2018!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2018! I’m a little late to the party because I got started on one of the things that I had promised myself – some cozy family time! It was relaxing and calming and I feel ready to begin the new year head on. I always forget how travel and good company can also rejuvenate the soul. 🙂 Still haven’t gotten started on the resolutions though 😉

Flashback Friday : Doodle for You!

A first for me, a witty poem. An attempt at being funny, candid and very (very) truthful!

Doodle for you
I’m curvy.
Flavor for you
I’m witty.
Nature for you
I’m rosy.
Lesson for you
I’m funny!

Life with me
It’s peachy!
Loving with me
It’s easy.
Mornings with me
They’re cosy.
Prospect with me
It’s sunny. Continue reading “Flashback Friday : Doodle for You!”

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Comedy Shows

March madness! Time for the top ten comedy shows of all time. Light, funny and honest, some of these shows have helped cheer my mood on many an occasion. I am a big fan of comedy shows that can find the humor in daily situations and seem kind of practical still. I’ll admit I’ve seen ones that go beyond the scope of possibility and still adored them! 3rd Rock from the Sun was one such show that was heartfelt and light. It is not in the list but in my introduction. Some more shows that will appeal to only a certain kind of audience are Two and a Half Men, Awkward, About a Boy, Broad City, Key and Peele, and Impractical Jokers. Be sure to check them out if you like their descriptions.

As for the list, below are the Top Ten Comedy Shows for everyone.

The Office– The US version was the one I loved. It follows the lives of around 9 people who work in an office and how the situations make for a very funny, relatable series. It stars Steve Carell as the Boss, who is bigger than life, but humane nonetheless.

Seinfeld– Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian who lives in New York and has friends-George, Elaine and Kramer. It has short clips of his stand-up acts and the rest is how his life goes on in the 1980s sort of world. It tickles your funny bones in a true sense!

Friends– Ah, Friends. What can I say about this show that hasn’t been said so many times before? It is about 6 friends who live in New York. They are different on all accounts and yet find comfort with each other. It is very modern and with an effortless appeal. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Comedy Shows”

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