Wise Words Everyday 16.4

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. 

-Oscar Wilde

I will begin a series of posting quotes on different topics, like this one. It means that even though we are doing common everyday things, some of us aspire to reach for the stars. It’s a weird one, but very true.

Image Credits: LainyArt on Etsy

Red & Black Dream

Under the dusk of your kohl-veiled eyes
And the doting of bright-red lips,

Imagining the infinite possibilities
My heart soars..skips a beat.

Warm, tender manoeuvers
Inviting me close to belief,

A red and black nightmare
Unfurling like a dream.

This was first posted on this blog in February 2016. I’ve come a long way since then but its sophistication and the thought still engulf me completely. I was moved when I had finally finished this piece. And isn’t that what writing is? Finding the words to express the ineffable 😀 I do hope you guys love this as much as I gush about it! 


Indigo Dreams

I dream of the perfect view
Envisioning the sights you drew
Thoughts of deep red, and blue
Just me and you, of the lucky few.

Scribbled in indigo words
Inked in your thoughts forever
Leading me in with each clue
A slow, and delicate coup.

Don’t wake me up tonight too.


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