Besotted means strongly infatuated.
Yardstick means a measuring rod a yard long, typically divided into inches. A standard used for comparison.
The second last prompt for #augunfiltered was Besotted. And here’s my piece:

Besotted, I look for you in others
A yardstick by which they’re measured.
Coz I know, I cannot survive eternity
If you’re not here right by me.

August Quotes

At the end of August, I always reflect on what I’ve learnt in the last few months. The year always seems to have gone past me so swiftly, that there is no time to stop and think. So, here is a compilation of quotes, from famous, respected and wise people. They inspire me to be a better human being, honor other people and live my life with good qualities.

“Entrepreneurs Are Great At Dealing With Uncertainty And Also Very Good At Minimizing Risk. That’s The Classic Entrepreneur.”

– Mohnish Pabrai

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