Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Best Romantic Movies

When I told my friend that I was planning a Romantic movies post for the Top Ten Tuesday, she sat up, gave me her most shocked look and broke into the biggest toothed smile ever! She also said that she would be eager to know my favorite romantic movies of all time since my Top 10 Horror shows recommendation were the best she ever saw. And then we sat discussing for the better part of an hour which movies should make my list of the Top Ten.

I will admit, it was hard. After some discussion, I was almost inclined to make it a Top Thirteen post, we had so many good movies. And keeping in mind that it was February and it is wise to indulge in some mushy, good-for-the-heart content, romantic movies seemed to be a good topic. If you have a valentine or not, these movies are sure to make you feel giddy and full of love. Picture-perfect moments are sure to make you hopeful and full of life. That is why every once in a while I end up watching a romantic movie or even a rom-com because they are usually a light watch.

The movies below will be ideal for every kind of viewer. From classic romantic films to modern love stories, I’ve included them all! And because these are my favorite movies, I can guarantee that they will not disappoint on any level. Without any more dilly-dallying, the following are my picks for the best romantic movies:

  1. Love Actually

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Blog Birthday & Bonus Blogging Tips

Today, July 12 is the official birthday of Vintage Sapience, yay! Once again, I thank you all 🙂 I wrote a sappy post yesterday, but obviously, that’s not enough ( Emo old me!)

I had wanted a blog for long but kept postponing it, because I didn’t know the when and the and how. It was a new thing. But, when I started off with WordPress, everything looked so much simpler, I didn’t stop planning and designing my blog for a whole week! Continue reading “Blog Birthday & Bonus Blogging Tips”

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