Wise Words Wednesday: June 3, 2020

“I love blackness, it is stunning, majestic, inspiring but it is also not here to serve non-black people when it suits them via sports, music, hairstyles, entertainment etc. It should be respected in the workplace and shouldn’t be ignored when it’s crying out in fear of being killed.⁣

You really want that utopian ideal of what our world could be? You want to be proudly and ACTIVELY anti-racist, more than fearing being called a racist? I want that for you too.⁣ If so, then do the work, educate yourself and others stand by us loudly, consistently, FOREVER.”

Clara Amfo

After seeing everything that has been happening in the world, I wanted to do my bit by showing my solidarity for the cause. After George’s death, social media has been flooded with articles, posts and videos standing up to the gross misconduct and racial injustices that the black people face every day. None of us should ever have to go through any harassment because of the colour of our skin, and that is why a united front for equality is so important! Have a good day everyone. May you have the strength to face all the obstacles that life throws at you.

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