Meme Monday #1

This is new, right? Considering how much I personally love memes, I’m surprised why I did not think of this sooner. 😛

I am going to post a funny meme, or article or reference on Mondays so that we all can have a happy, light start to the week. It would, in turn, give us the patience and energy to face the week head on, or so one can hope.

Here is the first meme for Vintage Sapience’s Meme Monday #VSMM :

I was just watching the Friends re-run, as any normal person would do, and absolutely loved this scene. So before Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory came and propagated his logic for the choice of his seat on the sofa, Joey had the same very good reasoning for where his dear Barcalounger Rosita would go. Sheldon counts almost exactly the same reasons for his choice of seat on the sofa in the living room.
Hope you enjoyed this change from the normal posting routine!

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