Milestones: 300th Post, a new Blog Design and Exciting New Things. Your reviews are welcome!

Climbing 300 steps is a challenge for me, but the 300 posts are done! It is an absolute miracle that people are reading, and I could not be more thankful because this blog has been my baby for some time now. Some of my life choices and timetable revolve around the schedule of my posts or the composition of a blog post for the particular week.

I’m also glad that I got over my initial fear that I’ll run out of content to post. The blog is an enabler-it prompts me to write more and more and that makes me think that starting a blog was one of the best decisions of my life. For this week, I had some ideas that I’d been waiting to write on, and that will have to wait because I think the milestone 300th post has to be positive- all sunshine and roses. Because these are the kind of crazy rules that I impose on myself.

So, I have two big announcements for today. The first is that I finally changed my blog theme. Vintage Sapience was using the Baskerville theme for over two years because I honestly adored that theme. What was not to love? All the customizations, cascading design, multiple posts’ view and very good admin options – all for free! I had tweaked it to my heart’s content, but the only problem I faced was of the loading time of the landing page. Because the site would take forever to load, it effectively deterred a lot of readers or newcomers from my blog. And I have a nagging feeling that it decreases a site’s Google Search engine rankings too. And, what kind of a blogger wants people to turn away? I don’t!

I want them to come and stay, read all the posts they may, and never go away.

So, after weeks and weeks of trialing some new themes (I have very high standards πŸ˜€ ), I eventually settled on the Affinity theme. I say settled because I like it but haven’t fallen in love with the new theme yet. I guess nothing could ever compete with my first love, Baskerville. The new one is a predominantly white theme, with minimalism and use of a lot of negative space. It is very stylish, trendy and meta! Do I sound cool, or do I sound cool using the word meta? The blog design is a very important part of my blogging exercise because I relate that to the whole experience of reading, and why I choose my featured images carefully too.

Apart from this, I have a second news, the idea of which I have been contemplating for a while now. It is the audio recitation of my poetry and prose! I have thought about it a lot and I think that it could be an exciting addition to my blog because as a person, I’m big on sounds. I quite like the recitation of a piece, just as it was intended to be. What remains to be seen is how much I’ll like the sound of my own voice, and how it would appeal to the people reading/listening. I believe it would be creative, relaxing and holistic for the blog experience. Sometimes I doubt myself, so what do you guys think about this idea?

That was my little thank you, and break the news post. I’ve also been very active on my Instagram account sv__poetry, posting the shorter form of poetry, hoping to be established there too. You can also check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest where I’m doing things differently than the blog.

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