HELMETS: So No One Goes To Heaven That Soon!

Here’s a little article I wrote on the importance of Helmets. It was supposed to be a soft marketing piece for a Helmet brand. I submitted it for a particular opening in a digital marketing company, right out of college. It’s a little bit old, and in a prescribed format, which is very different from my freestyle of writing. But a few days ago I realized that this article is generally beneficial too!

Not a lot of the educated people need a repeat of the Helmet and safety lesson, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate it time and again. Leave comments if it seems weird to you guys, or suggestions if any. I hope you enjoy this unique Top Ten Tuesday post!


Road rage is rampant. And we know you drive slow and you drive safe. But what about the unruly driver next to you? Could he have caused that massive pile-up on Highway 44 last weekend? Oh yes! You’d never know it, but accidents surround you even when you’re going back home after a long workday.

    • Why are we on about Helmets?
      When you think about helmets, you think about protective biker gear. They are not just precautionary, they are honorary. Every community has celebrated good men with helmets. In the Indian culture, helmets are adorned with bright feathers that sit atop their heads, marking them separate from the crowd and worth the honor.
    • Evolution of Hard Hats
      Helmets are not just for safety. They have been in design since five hundred years before Christ. They must really be important! From the Hungarian ‘Busby’ to the English military ‘shako’, helmets are versatile and a part of the attire.
    • Safety Is Sexyhelmets are sexy
      The most important purpose that a helmet serves nowadays is safety. This modern-day armor is the marking of a true warrior on the streets, riding forward always, gunning to reach his destination! Ask any girl, guys with helmets seem more responsible are just alluring (They are men).
      Ask any guy, girls with helmets are perfectly charming.
    • Learn By Example
      Parents can teach their children to follow road rules to be better citizens. Because the safety of others is just as important as your own personal safety. Communal learning, as by seeing other people is a strong motivation to wear a helmet yourselves.
      On a more practical note, sometimes we can learn from accidents that occur, of people not wearing helmets. We understand that how it protects our fragile brain and spine is so much more crucial while riding any vehicle.
    • Rocker Chic Designs
      In this world of things, a helmet can be that one other thing that you just got to have. And honestly, your parents won’t refuse to buy for you this little trinket!
      The sheer number of designs, sizes, and customizable fire streaks it comes in is sure to bring out the macho-personal style or the creative flair you have in your life (Otherwise impossible to showcase when you’re driving with your two hands!).


  • Shoutout To Your Faves
    Helmet companies now allow you to feature your favorite brands, team logos and even charities of choice to show your support and to spread awareness. In a tropical country like India, where no one can see your team jerseys when you swoosh past them, the color of your helmet will be noticeable when you sport the Black and Golden for the Kolkata Knight Riders (Biker Pun) or the Delhi Daredevil. You’re no less, driving in traffic and rains.
  • 85% Success Rate
    Although those are the facts, it is 100% possible to save your skull from spilling on the road by simply wearing a helmet.
  • Smart Helmets
    Helmets come with music that you can directly hear in the head without having to cover your ears. Technology, right?
  • Improved Aerodynamics
    A helmet also provides improved riding experience because it streamlines the air flowing above your head to make riding smoother.

How would you keep yourself safe, if not for helmets? Do you have any fun names for your dearly beloved helmet?

Something about a solid safe head is just so attractive. Let’s all wear helmets. Why? Well, why not?
They’re hip, they’re fashionable and they keep you safe so you can go back to your loved ones safe and sound. Helmets prevent you from the hell on roads.

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