Update to my About Page!

I started this blog when I was an engineering student, and that is what it says on my About page. It has been a year since I became an engineer, but I never got around to updating that on the blog. After the graduation, it was all so surreal – I didn’t really feel that I had completed four years of my degree. And consequently, days passed, I started my job and the blog suffered a bit.

I had always thought that when I update my About page, it would be with a lot of pomp and fanfare. That it would be a big deal that I’m finally an engineer. But now, I don’t feel so special. It feels normal because the stress of a job, and building a good life are bigger responsibilities that take over your mind.

I’m rambling, and yet I am thankful for the fact that I have a steady job, and that I can still explore my options because I have my whole life ahead of me. I am a different person than I was, two and a half years ago when I started this blog, Vintage Sapience. It has been a beautiful journey so far, and I cannot wait for life to get more exciting, and filled with more milestones so I could update my About page again and again, every time with a happier heart!

Here is a link to my About page. Please leave comments and suggestions, if any. And following is the Update I have published:

Update: I am an engineer now! I successfully passed my exams (not that my family expected any different). I consciously try to be funny now, although I’ve been known to fail miserably at it. But I can laugh at myself which makes that easier πŸ˜‰ Being an over thinker is never good, especially when that leads to stress-eating. I am in an extended state of losing weight, loving food and living life. I am still figuring out people, and societal norms. Although, I try to pretend that I am normal, my brain has thirteen tabs open. Eleven, on a good day. In a world that trends on thinking out of the box, I will always be a little bit old-fashioned, in a good way. Which is what inspired the blog name. I’m still writing for the soul, and expecting just a little bit of love in this callous world. Constantly trying to keep it short, and concise because exceeding the word limit is my habit!

Interesting Fact: I used the words “about page” 5 times in this post!

GIF Credits: Shaun, Robotics Engineer

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