Indigo Dreams

I dream of the perfect view
Envisioning the sights you drew
Thoughts of deep red, and blue
Just me and you, of the lucky few.

Scribbled in indigo words
Inked in your thoughts forever
Leading me in with each clue
A slow, and delicate coup.

Don’t wake me up tonight too.


10 thoughts on “Indigo Dreams

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    1. Yay! That was the first line that I had worked with while writing this. So it is pretty amazing that it appealed to you too. 😀 Thank you so much for all the love.


  1. I now have the honor and duty to inform you that your line “scribbled in indigo words” has become the seed of inspiration for my new work “Indigo Ink” and you have some poetic DNA in it!! I hope you will like it. I will send you a copy on your contact page.

    Thanks so much for all your views on my site!!! I guess I’m going to have to glean through all your words and workds now! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This just made my made. I was so happy all day yesterday. so excited, that I forgot to write my gratitude here 😉 It was a unique feeling, knowing my words ‘served inspiration’ for you. I’m sure I’ve never had that before. So, thank you for giving me my first inspiration-high. I am very humbled and yet ecstatic.

      Your piece is beautiful!


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