Top 10 Ways to be Patriotic

When you think about it, we are who we are because of our upbringing and our surroundings. And the country we live in plays a significant role in how we perceive situations and associations with groups of people. When you grow up with different ethnicities, religions and languages, we come to respect each person for their individuality and what they bring to the table. So I believe that acceptance is one of the most important part of being patriotic- that we can welcome all people with open arms.This and more in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday post. This will be how we can be patriotic.

There is no such reason I should do such a post, considering the topics that I usually choose. But a few days ago, India celebrated its Independence Day, and that made me think how I could be a bit more patriotic towards my country. And I came up with the following simple ways all of us could be loyal to our country:

1. Know what patriotism is.
A patriotic attitude is an understanding of a nation’s history, accomplishments, and positive contributions to culture. It also recognizes a nation’s failures and negative influence. So, knowing what patriotism includes will help conclude if your directed actions are patriotic or not.

2. Vote without fail.
In some countries, people refrain from voting since they believe none of the candidates are worthy of the office. While that may seem like a method to make your voice heard, it actually does nothing to keep the government honest. Rather, going to vote and encouraging honest people to fight elections will be the healthy alternative. Vote for the lesser evil, I guess. And then work towards finding and electing good politicians who will serve for the welfare of the masses.

3. Buy local. Prefer indigenous products.

Buying locally produced goods increases the revenue of the district and contributes to the economy of the country as well. Small scale industries grow and provide employment to the local men and women. This directly increases the viability of a country. Also, such products are good quality and the food crops are generally pesticide free and healthy.

4. Support the army and active-duty military.

In my school, we used to have an event to celebrate the army men. We used to invite a particular regiment and celebrate their contribution to our country with a cultural program and some gifts. This inculcated in me a respect a reverence for the armed officials from a very young age. Being proud of them and showing you care means a lot as community support is a collective effort. Actively signing up for duty is an excellent way to literally fight for your country and show patriotism in its truest form.

5. Keep your surroundings clean.

This might seem a tad too simple to be doing this but it speaks volumes about a country when it is neat and clean. Proper waste management, recycling and composting encourages others around you to do the same resulting in a cleaner, greener country over all. Planting trees occasionally will also make the air healthy, and a lot more conducive for travellers increasing tourism.

6. Be proud of/campaign abot the pros of your country.

This will increase tourism and general interest towards the country. The positive reviews of tourists and citizens alike improves the rank of the country on the basis of viability as a place of travel. Before travelling, everyone nowadays checks for first hand online reviews of the living conditions, safety and dining offerings of the place they’re visiting. An all over happy vibe makes the country better in the happiness index and contentment.

7. Celebrate the diversity of your country.

Each country is made up of people of varied ethnicities, religions and follow different cultures. But they all bring something to the table. The country is a beautiful amalgamation of the richness of each community that is unique in itself, yet a part of something big. The progress of each country is visible only when everyone feels safe, welcome and happy in that country. The feeling of patriotism rises automatically when you love your country unconditionally.

8. Pay your taxes.

Yes, well, this too! Tax is the direct link of a citizen to tu government and his country. When that money is used to develop infrastructure, provide education, and employment is makes the country better. This way you have given back to the country in return for so much that your birth-land does for you. Giving to charities and health institutions is also patriotic because you’ve somehow elevated the country’s destitute.

9. Volunteer.

Participate in marches to protest, to demand and to bring about change. Volunteer at night shelters, or soup kitchens or whatever it is locally called in your city. Give to the poor all you have to spare, and devote a few hours every week at a home for the elderly. Along with their blessings, you get a feeling of happiness and satisfaction that is par none. This one to one work shows you the results instantaneously and the smiles that you brought to every life that you touched. Empathise, and the rest will flow.

10. Fly the Flag 

The most literal way of being patriotic is to hoist the flag of your country – in the right manner of course. Every country has rule book about how you can fly the flag. It might be hard to believe but not a lot of people do this anymore, even though it is so simple and swells the heart knowing you belong to your country.

Some of these points were also about how all of us can be good people AND good citizens, and I believe that goes hand in hand. Always take the children along for these activities so that they grow up with these values always in them. It makes them more patriotic too, seeing their elders or communities indulging in such practices. Even in places where there is tumult of any kind, one man can set aside his differences and set an example with patriotic acts. It brings people together, binds them for the common cause.

Patriotism does not have to be brief and bright, it has to be like the sun, always burning steady and lighting the way. In some way, all your actions can be motivated in the direction of patriotism and you’d never go wrong. Just remember what patriotism truly is and what are the associated meaningful act. Simple tips, and if nothing else, you can always feel patriotic in your heart, because the blood that runs in you is true to the country.

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