Top Ten Tuesday: Best Drama Shows on TV

Drama is the spice of life, Or so I say when I’m in *that* mood! The millennials would say that there hasn’t been a perfectly good drama show on television since the Sopranos, but today’s list has the guts to take it on (This is me attempting to be dramatic with the words). In all seriousness, these shows showcase how the drama genre has evolved over the years to birth some very epic shows. From catchphrases to ultimate scenes to award-worthy acting performances, these are the best tv dramas of all time. This in itself is a very sensitive topic of discussion because all of us have our own list of the best shows on TV right now. And I am willing to accept your suggestions and criticisms of my list. This Top Ten Tuesday post will be different-obviously I have listed more than ten, I couldn’t stop. As always, there are honorary mentions because they appeal to a different part of the audience are best according to them. Here we go:

1. Game of Thrones

Don’t blame me. I am also part of the GOT-fan world. I have come to love the story immensely. The drama is on fleek ( ūüėČ ) and a lot of the characters die so often, upping the drama-factor. You are the edge of your seat at every moment as the plot ties the loose ends, and creates more uncertainty for the next one. There is a reason it is the most pirated show on TV right now! I will admit that I watched it completely in my second attempt. When I sat to watch it the first time, I couldn’t comprehend most of it and I left it after the 3rd episode of the first season. In my next try, I overlooked the initial blank-ness and understood parts of it. By the end of season one, I learned a lot, including the fact that GoT is meant to be a little like that. Leaving the viewers in a state of shock, wanting more because a lot of stories are interwoven and will take the time to develop.

2. Narcos

s-e05243c0ba45ce2e971a240cafa389238faa1ca1I am proud to say I recently finished binge-watching the two seasons of Narcos, and it was a very good 48 hours of my life. People were gushing about it online, and I couldn’t see what the fuss was all about. A show about a drug dealer? It is so much more. Wagner Moura’s portrayal of the 80s drug lord, Pablo Escobar is enough reason to watch the show. But the storyline and the depiction of life is so artistic that you cannot stop watching. How the suspense develops, the story from all angles, the blood, the sweat, the deaths. It is too much but makes for a good watch. Forums report that some details might not be true, but they are dramatized for effect.

3. Doctor Who

A time travelling doctor, who has seen different times and different worlds, and saves the end in almost every episode is the epitome of drama! He is the last of the time lords, a dying alien breed, and he has a spaceship that looks like a police booth of present day England. It is pretty advanced as compared to a lot of shows that run today, and it has been for more than ten years now. The Doctor changes every one-two seasons, which makes for a fresh watch every time. You can watch this as a series or even as single episodes.

4. The Good Wife

15094Not a lot of people would have this in their top 5 because of obvious reasons-there are much better shows that would appeal to a larger audience. But I have mentioned a lot of them in older posts and the Good Wife gets to be here because it is good in my opinion. Alicia Florrick is the wife of Governor Peter Florrick, who has been caught cheating and has to resign. Alicia becomes the center of attention, and has to go back to work-being a lawyer. Having a gap between her practice, she gets accepted at a law firm because her college friend, Will is a partner. She works hard at her cases, has to prove herself at every point and still has to manage her family and the public humiliation of her husband’s scandal.

5. The Handmaid’s Tale

Honest confession, I have yet to see this show, but with my friends’ recommendations, it is on the list. It helps that I quite like Elisabeth Moss’s acting and she has always played roles of substance. Here is the description: In the future,¬†fertility rates¬†reduce as a result of¬†sexually transmitted diseases etc.¬†Worldwide infertility has resulted in the conscription of the few remaining fertile women in Gilead, called¬†handmaids, according to an “extremist interpretation” of a¬†Biblical¬†account.¬†They are assigned to the homes of the ruling elite, where they must submit to ritualized rape with their male masters in order to become pregnant and bear children for those men and their wives.

5. Westworld

The story takes place in the fictional Westworld, a technologically advanced¬†Wild West‚Äďthemed¬†amusement park¬†populated by¬†android¬†hosts. Westworld caters to high-paying guests, who may indulge in whatever they wish within the park, without fear of retaliation from the hosts.

6. Boardwalk

Boardwalk Empire¬†is a period drama focusing on Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (based on the historical¬†Enoch L. Johnson), a political figure who rose to prominence and controlled¬†Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the¬†Prohibition¬†period of the 1920s and 1930s. Nucky acts with historical characters in both his personal and political life, including mobsters, politicians, government agents, and the common folk who look up to him. The federal government also takes an interest in the¬†bootlegging¬†and other illegal activities in the area, sending agents to investigate possible mob connections but also looking at Nucky’s lifestyle‚ÄĒexpensive and lavish for a county political figure. The final season jumps ahead seven years, to 1931, as Prohibition nears its end.

7. Fargo

Fargo¬†is an American¬†black comedy‚Äďcrime drama¬†anthology¬†television series created and primarily written by¬†Noah Hawley. The show is inspired by the¬†eponymous 1996 film¬†written and directed by the¬†Coen brothers, who serve as executive producers on the series alongside Hawley. The series follows an anthology format, with each season set in a different era, and with a different story and mostly new characters and cast, although there is minor overlap. Each season shares a common chronology with the original film.

8. Downton Abbey

The series, set in the fictional¬†Yorkshire¬†country estate¬†of Downton Abbey between 1912 and 1926, depicts the lives of the¬†aristocratic Crawley family and their¬†domestic servants¬†in the post-Edwardian era‚ÄĒwith the great events in history having an effect on their lives and on the British social hierarchy. Events depicted throughout the series include news of the¬†sinking of the RMS¬†Titanic¬†in the first series; ¬†the¬†Teapot Dome scandal¬†in the fourth series; and the¬†British general election of 1923, the¬†Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, and the¬†Beer Hall Putsch¬†in the fifth series. The sixth and final series introduces the rise of the working class during the¬†interwar period¬†and hints towards the eventual decline of the British aristocracy.

9. Homeland

rs-18136-homeland-624-1382199764The series stars¬†Claire Danes¬†as¬†Carrie Mathison, a¬†Central Intelligence Agency¬†officer with¬†bipolar disorder, and¬†Damian Lewis¬†as¬†Nicholas Brody, a¬†U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper. Mathison had come to believe that Brody, who was held captive by¬†al-Qaeda¬†as a¬†prisoner of war, was¬†“turned”¬†by the enemy and poses a threat to the United States. The drama that ensues in each episode, how the plot unfolds and the secrets are changed is a thing to watch. The acting has been spectacular including Mandy Patinkin’s as Carrie’s friend and mentor.

10. Greys Anatomy

I love this show. Here, I’ve said it. It has been a little slow with the later seasons but never low on drama.¬†The series focuses on the fictional lives of surgical¬†interns,¬†residents¬†and¬†attending physicians, as they evolve into seasoned doctors while trying to maintain personal lives and relationships. The title is a play on¬†Gray’s Anatomy, a human anatomy textbook by¬†Henry Gray. The show’s premise originated with¬†Shonda Rhimes, who serves as an executive producer, along with¬†Betsy Beers,¬†Mark Gordon,¬†Krista Vernoff,¬†Rob Corn,¬†Mark Wilding, and¬†Allan Heinberg. Although it is set in¬†Seattle¬†at the fictional Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly Seattle Grace) it is primarily filmed in¬†Los Angeles,¬†California.

Honorary Mentions: They are worth being on the list.
House M.D.
The West Wing
Orange is the New Black
House of Cards
Better Call Saul
House of Lies

Shows I’ve mentioned in other lists:
The Walking Dead
Breaking Bad
Black Mirror
Mr. Robot

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Tell me more suggestions!

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