My Blog Turns Two!

Two. Last year it was one! It is all so surreal. Is it weird I have no words? While normally I’m rambling?

I have a couple of people to thank for this. Although I had had this thought of a blog for a long while before I finally took the plunge. Before I finally started researching about the best platforms to do this, I was a common person, just writing for the sake of it, living off on the appreciation of two-three friends who would be privileged enough to read my poetry. But, having a blog has been a rewarding experience. I felt myself getting more confident about my writing, even when I changed my style of prose and poetry. Even when I chose to write on more complex, non-mainstream topics. Choosing to focus on the moment has also been a big part of my writing in the last year. Looking at the blog, I can actually track my growth, the variation of the thought process and in me as a person.

My first thank you is directed to the WordPress community. Everyone who views, comments and likes my post makes me confident that I’m doing something right. The writing to me may be mediocre, it may just be average, but the support has been incredible. The idea of people willing to read what I’ve written is so strong an inspiration that I’m driven to write more and more. I will also honestly admit that I would have stopped writing long ago if it weren’t for my friends. They are good critics and far better believers. They admire my work and have never held back their honest opinions which is more than I can ask for. I have a small group of close friends who mean the world to me, and they have cheered me on, every step of the way. They are the reason I believe I might someday be able to achieve my dream of having a book. πŸ˜€ The very thought is exhilarating!

Next, my family. They are the most amazing bunch of people. A perfect mix of love, indifference (from my sibling), and freedom to be myself is such a liberating factor when you’re writing.

Maybe I’m hormonal, but I feel something. I am not a sentimental person(or so I’d say) but anniversaries and writing on that topic make me conscious of the knot in my throat.

I will be linking my last year’s posts as well. Just to reiterate the little things. Like how to get more followers, and how happy I was at the first birthday as well. It is part of the celebrations. I promised myself I would get a lot more followers in the coming year, and I have been mildly successful. I still think that if I devoted ALL of my time to blogging, and writing, Vintage Sapience would be a lot more successful. And my hope of it being famous is still a dearly held wish. But keeping the blog steady along with a full-time job is demanding. And yet, I can shamelessly say that since the blog is my baby, it is always a priority.

Some people would have noticed that some days my posts seem long and polished, while others are rushed. Those are the days when I’m running to get ready to go and yet put up a post because posting regularly is the only way to have a dedicated audience. And, honestly what is more encouraging than looking at the post stats while slogging in the office πŸ˜‰

But all of the words won’t be enough to express the sheer happiness I have every time I think I am a blogger too. I may have very few followers in comparison, but I believe I am happy with the slow but steady universal growth. Moreover, in these times of short posts, quick inspiration and viral feeds, the written word is somehow looked over, but the select few connoisseurs will keep it going. And that is my belief, just an optimistic way of saying the same things.

Thank you again for reading this long rant of a two-year old blogger, repeating some stuff but being very candid in my experiences, and thank yous.

You can follow me on my social media accounts, where too I’m marginally fun πŸ˜‰

TwitterΒ @VintageSapience

Facebook – Vintage Sapience

Instagram- sv__poetry and Β Pinterest.

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