Top Ten Tuesday: Best Comedy Shows

March madness! Time for the top ten comedy shows of all time. Light, funny and honest, some of these shows have helped cheer my mood on many an occasion. I am a big fan of comedy shows that can find the humor in daily situations and seem kind of practical still. I’ll admit I’ve seen ones that go beyond the scope of possibility and still adored them! 3rd Rock from the Sun was one such show that was heartfelt and light. It is not in the list but in my introduction. Some more shows that will appeal to only a certain kind of audience are Two and a Half Men, Awkward, About a Boy, Broad City, Key and Peele, and Impractical Jokers. Be sure to check them out if you like their descriptions.

As for the list, below are the Top Ten Comedy Shows for everyone.

The Office– The US version was the one I loved. It follows the lives of around 9 people who work in an office and how the situations make for a very funny, relatable series. It stars Steve Carell as the Boss, who is bigger than life, but humane nonetheless.

Seinfeld– Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian who lives in New York and has friends-George, Elaine and Kramer. It has short clips of his stand-up acts and the rest is how his life goes on in the 1980s sort of world. It tickles your funny bones in a true sense!

Friends– Ah, Friends. What can I say about this show that hasn’t been said so many times before? It is about 6 friends who live in New York. They are different on all accounts and yet find comfort with each other. It is very modern and with an effortless appeal.

The Big Bang Theory– 3 research scientists, one engineer and a hot girl. Their social awkwardness is painfully funny to watch. Over the seasons, they open up and venture out of their comfort zones. One of the most popular shows on TV today.

Modern Family– Possibly my favorite comedy show of the millennium. It is about an imperfectly perfect family. A gay couple, and an abnormal-cute straight couple and a grandfather with a wife almost half his age. Hilarity ensues as they tackle their daily lives.

The Simpsons- Homer, Marge and their children Lisa, Bart and baby Maggie make for the most lovable animated family on the planet or so I think. It is the longest running comedy show (more than 26 years now) and still equally loved by children and adults alike. Watch it to love it yourself.

Community– A few people who go to the Greendale community college become friends and have their daily classes. But what is fun is the use of pop-culture references and in special episodes the complete spoofs of movies or plots to tickle our funny bone.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-It is about the misfit police team of the fictional 99th precinct of Brooklyn, New York. Their captain, Ray Holt tries to hold his team together and accountable and disciplined which is a fun thing to watch because of how everyone rebels in a certain way.

Arrested Development– Follows the Bluth family who is wealthy and yet they have everyday trivial problems. It is a good watch because it is overlayed with simple voiceovers, the inclusion of old pictures and very simple direction.

Parks and Recreation– Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), is an employee of the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee, Indiana with the drive of a little child. She has a funny, weird team of people and really real boss-Ron Swanson played by the affable Nick Offerman. Her love for the community, and parks borders on the extreme which is why her activities are funny. Honestly, I’d love a department official that devoted for my parks too.

If you love some of these shows, share that in the comments. Also if you have any recommendations for me about a comedy show, I know I will watch it!

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