Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Best Romantic Movies

When I told my friend that I was planning a Romantic movies post for the Top Ten Tuesday, she sat up, gave me her most shocked look and broke into the biggest toothed smile ever! She also said that she would be eager to know my favorite romantic movies of all time since my Top 10 Horror shows recommendation were the best she ever saw. And then we sat discussing for the better part of an hour which movies should make my list of the Top Ten.

I will admit, it was hard. After some discussion, I was almost inclined to make it a Top Thirteen post, we had so many good movies. And keeping in mind that it was February and it is wise to indulge in some mushy, good-for-the-heart content, romantic movies seemed to be a good topic. If you have a valentine or not, these movies are sure to make you feel giddy and full of love. Picture-perfect moments are sure to make you hopeful and full of life. That is why every once in a while I end up watching a romantic movie or even a rom-com because they are usually a light watch.

The movies below will be ideal for every kind of viewer. From classic romantic films to modern love stories, I’ve included them all! And because these are my favorite movies, I can guarantee that they will not disappoint on any level. Without any more dilly-dallying, the following are my picks for the best romantic movies:

  1. Love Actually

love-actually-gallery-2Love Actually is one of those simple movies that showcases the different kinds of ‘loves’ there can be. It is heart-warming to see people struggle and rejoice when they are with the person they love. It follows the life of 10 people who are somehow linked and how their stories progress while Christmas is coming.  It is a light watch and one of the best romantic movies I watched as a grown up.

2. Titanic

titanic_2The less I say the better about this Oscar-winning film, the better. Everyone knows that Titanic sank when it hit the tip of an iceberg more than a hundred years ago. But the James Cameron directorial follows Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose(Kates Winslet), who belong to different social classes and inevitably fall in love. Their meetings and love affair are interspersed with the Titanic. The fate of the two lovers is the worst kept secret, but you watch this movie for the cinematography and their performances. You can watch it only for Leo too!

3. Brokeback Mountain

brokeback_mountain I believe that Brokeback Mountain pioneered in a new sub-genre of romantic movies. It is drama with intense human emotions that governs all relationships that form between any two individuals. It is a story of two guys hired to work on a farm and how they come to be in an intimate relationship.  It is heartening to see that the subject was broached with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger also portrayed their characters very well.



4. Pretty Woman

landscape_nrm_1425399318-pretty-woman-posterWhen a wealthy businessman, Richard Gere hires a Hollywood escort, Julia Roberts to accompany him to a few social events, things start to happen.  Their relationship progresses in the span of a weekend. It is a fun, unique movie to watch if you’re not into mushy movies. The acting is brilliant as well.

5. La La Land


I will admit I have yet to see La La Land, but my friends tell me lovely things about it. The fact that a musical is nominated for so many  Oscar awards also helps. The premise is that an actress(Emma Stone) meets a musician, Ryan Gosling and fall in love in LA. We can watch it together.

6. Sleepless in Seattle


This beautiful classic is a unique tale of love and life. When Tom Hanks’ wife dies, his son tries to find him another wife using the radio, so he won’t be so miserable all the time. Different events occur that are fun to watch that decide the fate of these two protagonists.

7. Blue Valentine

hqdefault Blue Valentine is as wonderful a watch as it is painful. It is the story of a married couple played by Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. It shows the story of their courtship and dissolution of marriage by going back and forth. It is endearing to see how two people so very in love can face different obstacles and be challenged beyond measure, knowing they’ll always have their love.

8. The Proposal

Style: "9142_LA_Disney_The_Proposal_Light_Test_01"

It is a modern love story with a twist. When Sandra Bullock is about to be deported, she tells her boss that she is about to marry and an American guy. He happens to be her assistant, the lovely Ryan Reynolds. What follows is a weekend of hysterics and how they end up liking each other.

9. Age of Adaline


Age of Adaline follows Blake Lively who stopped aging when she met with an accident while a comet was passing the earth. She finds love in modern day Manhattan and secrets are revealed when she meets his family. See how he looks at her!

10. 50 First Dates


Adam Sandler falls for Drew Barrymore but he doesn’t know that she has short-term memory loss. She wakes up every day thinking it’s the day she went with her father to pick melons. She doesn’t remember that he died in the accident the same day. Adam goes through so much to get the girl.

Hope you will like some of these movies. Some of my other recommendations are:

Me Before You


A girl, Emilia Clarke comes to be the caregiver of a paralyzed man. It is a beautiful romantic comedy full of moments that make you go Aww! Watch it for its beautiful portrayal of love in trying circumstances.

Gone with the Wind

Jerry Maguire
Annie Hall
The Princess Bride

Leave comments what your favourites are and I will try to watch them as well!

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