The One With 500 Followers!

December has always been a special month for me. With the beautiful winter in full force and the festive atmosphere, I always find it to be the most magical time of the year. A lot of people are excited about the advent of Christmas, as well. I just celebrated my birthday a few days ago and I got an early present in the form of 500 blog followers! We are a big family of 500 F.R.I.E.N.D.S. now and hence, the title reference from a famous sitcom.

2016-12-18 19_22_01-Greenshot.png

I had been looking forward to this milestone since I had about 450 followers. But, I lost count when I recently moved to a new city. Therefore, it came as a pleasant surprise when I looked at the 503 number on December 14th, 2016. It is a big deal for me because I never imagined so many people would be interested in reading my humble blog. But, time and again, the WordPress community has restored my belief in myself. I have been encouraged by your likes, comments, and follows.

This is a THANK YOU to all my followers who loved everything I wrote. It encouraged me to write and post even more. Be it poetry, curated quotes or even the latest Throwback Thursday series, I have always experienced ample support and appreciation from fellow writers and all my readers. I feel really giddy, but proud at the same time using the phrase ‘my readers’. I still can’t fully stomach these emotions of exhilaration.

What is even more surprising is that I recognize almost all of my 500 followers by their names or Gravatar. Sometimes, I know who the writer is when I see their work or featured image. I cherish each and every one of you. I value your feedback and criticism. I celebrate the fact that I can share my deepest thoughts through the medium of words and rhymes. And, I love the fact that I can be my true self, living the perfect life albeit in black and white. I welcome new followers, may there be quite a few! I adore that this gives me such joy and inspires me to write further and share more.

I used to see bloggers with 1000, 2000 and more followers and awed by their talent of holding an audience. Accomplished writers, authors, poets, and artists who had a wide reach. I feel like someday, I could do it too. It took me only 18 months to get here, and I did put effort into my blog even with work, studies, and activities. When it came to stringing 2 words together, I was okay with it. But, I have gotten better with time (like old wine, teetotaler that I am πŸ˜‰ ). Or so I’d like to think.I do hope my work appeals to more and more people with time. It is thought-provoking, heart-breaking and clearly nostalgic.

A few exciting things are in place for 2017. I will post more often, to reach my goals. Once again, thank you for trusting and following Vintage Sapience. It means the world to me! Extending the good fortune to 2017 where so much will come. Leave comments and suggestions, and I would try to accommodate them all. Β Thank you so much, once again.

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For now, a cheeky ol’ jig to celebrate this accomplishment!

Β tumblr_inline_nwyqy2giiy1tceosw_540

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    1. I did a lot of little things. Because no one will suddenly find your blog. You wish that people come to you for the content, but since there are millions of blogs, how would people know you exist. I posted regularly, used basic SEO, and followed other blogs I loved. Making a connection is the true method. It may seem weird in the beginning, not knowing who you’re talking to, but with each exchange, you grow fonder! And you learn more about the blog and the person behind it.

      I have this post, sharing ALL my tips for making sure you have a big reader base. It was some things I learnt and others that I observed.

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