Throwback Thursday

I have been posting the first few poems I ever wrote as part of the Throwback Thursday series. Normally, people would upload photographs of themselves in embarrassing situations or in 9os style! My content channels who I was those many years ago and it IS surprising to see how I have grown.

I used to write on everyday things in a sing-song manner. And now I when I pen down something, I make up my own structure and word preference. The poem that I am posting today was written a decade ago. It makes me feel old talking about stuff that I created in 2006, 10 whole years ago. I started maintaining a diary in 2009 and cataloged all my writings,

childish as they seemed! Because I wanted to have them all in one place. I’m sure I’ve lost some along the way but these still make me smile.

This is one is about my brother and was written as a summer vacation task when I was in the 7th grade. It is admittedly cheeky but fun to read!

P.S. I used to make strange drawings in the remainder of the page to keep it lively and colorful. I am glad I have mostly grown out of that phase too!

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  1. this is b’ful. Even, i used to do such sort of activities in my diary :p 😀 I can feel the refreshment one gets after reading those childish poems which were written years back. They make us laugh while refreshing old memories ❤ This one is alluring :* ^_^

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