Top Ten Tuesday: Music

After last week’s list of top ten books, it only seems fair that the next one should be as useful. It may not be evident on the blog, but as any mortal, I love my music.
It was a unique experience writing this post, because I like music of every genre. Therefore, this list is a beautiful mix of pop, rock, soul, and more! I have mentioned artists and bands that I like because whichever symphony they create is quite good.

Read on to find out if your favourites are same as some of mine. Share your favourites so I can listen to more good music!

1. Poets of the Fall: My tryst with this band started with the song ‘Late Goodbye’. It was first featured in the gameplay for Max Payne. I’d credit my brother for introducing me to their brand of music. I started listening about 5 years ago and haven’t stopped since. Their songs have meaningful lyrics and Marko Saaresto’s baritone voice is pure bliss!
2. Nickel Back: Nickel Back would not be every girl’s favourite band but they make such foot tapping music. ‘Rockstar’ made me a huge fan. Every song of theirs is sure to stay in your minds for a long, long, time.

3. Hugh Laurie: He played Doctor House in the hit TV show. I didn’t know he sang. But when I heard his ‘Battle of Jericho’, I was hooked.

4. Chris Daughtry: The American Idol winner was a surprise for me because they rarely make good albums. Or so I think. ‘Superman’ was a beautiful song and some of his covers are better than originals.

5. Pink: A beautiful, strong woman with an amazing voice and the ability to lift your moods. ‘So What’ is the teen anthem and ‘Sober’ is perfect for the deep tones.

6. Rihanna: Oh, what can I say about Rihanna that hasn’t been said before. She has grown more fierce with each album and each year. ‘Umbrella’ was a dance number and her ‘Work’ is the new age hip-hop R&B.

7. The Black Keys: This two-man band churns out amazing albums. They are quiet as people but their songs are meaningful, dance worthy and just speak to me. ‘Lonely Boy’ and ‘Little Black Submarine’ were cult favourites a little while ago.

8. Coldplay: A band that has been around for so long and known for impromptu performances in different countries. ‘Up & Up’ is their latest hit, and ‘Paradise’ is my all time favorite.

9. Dido: She is an English singer with a voice that is melodious. She makes peppy songs with as much ease as she does the breakup songs. ‘White Flag’ and ‘Sand in my Shoes’ are two very different but equally good songs that are always on my playlist.

10. Evanescence: The lead singer is a female and has a hauntingly beautiful voice. ‘Bring Me Back to Life’ was a universal hit and ‘Lithium’ is the perfect example of how music can reach the bones.

Shout out to all the music lovers. I’d love to find out more amazing musicians so leave comments about your favourites.

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