December marks the end of a year. For me, it has been eventful, and entertaining. I made a blog, I published at least 9 posts per month and I have been showered by the love and tremendous appreciation of fellow bloggers for my work.

When I see the quality of work that is out there, I am overwhelmed. In such a large pool of talent, my humble blog is getting its share of love! So, this is a thank you to all of my readers. I could not have asked for a better blogging experience.

As part of the Blogging 201: Branding and Growth Tips, I participate in today’s challenge. I am making a new page, ‘The Best of Vintage Sapience’, listing all the great posts and the most loved ones.

2015-12-13 23_49_21-Greenshot

Although the blog is neither too vast, nor too famous to have a “Best of” page, but it does bring together all of my leading work under one heading.