Prayers To The Fairest King

Amidst the elevated and mature tree
Sat the gorgeous bird anyone would love,
Silently and patiently chirping away,
She was the bird of peace, the dove.

So innocent was her face that
Any stone it could easily melt.
But she could sense danger,
A conspiracy full of stealth.

Deep down she then saw
A hunter taking aim at her,
And all that the wicked seeker possessed
Was more and more of fur.

Only a high flight could save her now
This was her last resort.
And as she glanced up to fly,
On her little branch, she was caught.

And as she looked up again,
She could see the evil sky change its color
And hovering high above her
Was a ferocious vulture.

The vulture eyed its quarry with glee.
And was ready for its strike
Upon the frightened, vulnerable bird
As soon as she would make her flight.

The dove was caught on her branch
Death advancing her from both sides.
and she knew her final flight
Would be her demise’s ride.

‘Please help me God, please help me’
These should have been her final words.
And passing through the stairway to heaven
These words the Almighty heard.


‘An innocent life pleading for existence?’
What a pity, thought God.
And as he raised his hand with a divine smile
Left his hand like light a black cord.

And as the hunter set his target,
A serpent appeared out of thin air,
and it bit the hunter hard
He screeched with no one to care.

But before collapsing he pulled the trigger
A bullet raced out slicing the air
And it knew its destination clearly,
A target most unfair.

It hit the vulture hard
And it screamed with a deafening sound.
The hunters had become the hunted
Their respective fates they’d found.

And the dove’s eyes filled with tears
She was unhurt just as before.
She looked up at the skies to find God
And to appreciate him more and more.

She’d innocently left everything in God’s hands
And could now see His hand in everything
Soon the serpent was nowhere to be seen
Imparted justice had the fairest king.



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