Ordinary Love?

Cause it felt like thunder
All your love, like lightning,
Flares and sparks inside me
Sheer sensations heightening.

Bashful and bubbling seems
Every drop of your being,

Quenching the eternal thirst
Of a lost traveler, just seeking.

Unburdening me of my worries,
With a smile that lights up the world anew.
My scars don’t seem to matter anymore
As they led me here to you.

Every time, each stolen glance
Is such a heavenly view,
Looking at the Lord’s handiwork,
The beautiful masterpiece that is you.

I see you in the bright rainbow
I hear you in the whistling of the wind,
I smell your sweet scent in every lavender,
I touch a feather, of you I think.

Don’t I know you from before?
Why can’t I know you forever?
A little more than ordinary love
Our chance at a happily-ever-after.